• Seems like a really great script so far. The one change I'd love is if the "edit box height" could go higher (like 60 lines)-- would this be possible?

  • Hi Ross, There's no reason it couldn't go higher. I just didn't think it likely that people would want more than 20 lines as you can still scroll the window if your expression is longer. It would mean a lot of wasted space on the left side (where the expression errors are shown) and not much room for the expression list at the bottom, but I guess it could work..especially if you have a very high res display.

    The timing of your request is quite fortunate as there's an update coming soon, and it will now have the limit increased to 60 lines.
  • Excellent -- thanks Paul!
  • Absolute time (and therefor) life-saver! Well worth the money if you regularly use expressions.
  • a find and replace function for selected expressions would be cool :)
  • Hi Coen, it's coming very soon in the next update!
  • When I try to type in the edit field, AE keeps doing the keyboard shortcuts instead of typing. Is this a known issue?
  • Hi Jeroen, No I'm not aware of this issue. It sounds like the text field isn't properly getting focus when you click in it. What version of AE and platform are you running it on? Does it still happen if you close and relaunch AE? Are you launching it from the Window menu as a dockable panel?