• Hi, I am selecting an illustrator file animated inside AE and after moving the jeyframes the script is telling me: "Please select 2d property, 3d property, mask shape or other shape".

    It's weird because after ignoring that warning the program moves the keyframes, but I wanted to know if I should just use it with shape layers or masks to tweak keyframes and avoidi that warning?
    Is that the problem?

    Please let me know, Thanks!
  • Hi Slate,

    this sounds like a bug. KeyTweak should be able to change any such property, no matter on which kind of layer. Could you tell me exactly what you are doing?
    - what property (or properties) of the layer did you select, or did you select no properties, but just the layer itself?
    - what function of keytweak did you use with which settings?
    - do you get the warning before or after the keys have been changed by KeyTweak or does KeyTweak do nothing?
    A screenshot of even better screen capture of what you are doing would be very helpful.
    Best open a support ticket here such that we can discuss the details privately: