• Hi, I am selecting an illustrator file animated inside AE and after moving the jeyframes the script is telling me: "Please select 2d property, 3d property, mask shape or other shape".

    It's weird because after ignoring that warning the program moves the keyframes, but I wanted to know if I should just use it with shape layers or masks to tweak keyframes and avoidi that warning?
    Is that the problem?

    Please let me know, Thanks!
  • Hi Slate,

    this sounds like a bug. KeyTweak should be able to change any such property, no matter on which kind of layer. Could you tell me exactly what you are doing?
    - what property (or properties) of the layer did you select, or did you select no properties, but just the layer itself?
    - what function of keytweak did you use with which settings?
    - do you get the warning before or after the keys have been changed by KeyTweak or does KeyTweak do nothing?
    A screenshot of even better screen capture of what you are doing would be very helpful.
    Best open a support ticket here such that we can discuss the details privately:
  • Hey,
    Would it be possible to add a feature into KeyTweak to work on all exposed Properties without the need to first select the property or the Keyframes we want to change? Because hitting P on the Keyboard just exposes the property but doesn't select the keyframes.

    I work a lot with Pastiche lately which "needs" a lot of layers. If I decided to put the starting position of the "Pastiche Particles" outside the screen I have to select hundreds of individual Keyframes in the timeline first to be able to move them out of sight.
    Maybe this is something you might want to add to Keytweak :-)

    Best regards
  • Thank you for the suggestion, Pascal. I guess this is tricky to implement. I am not sure whether a script can check at all which properties are exposed in the user interface. Even if it is possible, you cannot just enumerate them as efficiently as the selected properties and probably need to iterate over all properties of all layers to check for each individual one whether it is exposed. So this will definitely be a very slow operation if you have hundreds of layers. Looks like a good time for a AE feature request to efficiently retrieve the exposed properties...

  • I found a shortcut that makes it possible to select all visible keyframes but it doesn't select those keyframes it can't "see" in the timeline. So if only 25 layers fit onto the screen it can only select all those keyframes but will ignore the other layers even if those are also exposed.
    Could a script trick afx in thinking it sees all those layers even if those are "off-screen"?
  • Hi Pascal,
    since a script cannot check which properties are revealed, I doubt it could do that.