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  • Compatibility After Effects
    Please check exact version compatibility under the "COMPATIBILITY" tab below
  • Compatibility Cinema 4d
    Please check exact version compatibility under the "COMPATIBILITY" tab below

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Quick Overview

The beta has ended, please download the release version. Work created in the beta will not be watermarked, and will be usable with the full version of Paint & Stick after the beta expires. Paint directly in comp with your custom and Photoshop brushes plus onion skinning. "Stick" your paint on 3D renders. You gotta see it to believe it!

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Paint & Stick Public Beta


The beta has ended, please download the release version.

If you downloaded the Paint & Stick 1.5 beta the first week, it has expired as of 6/18 and will no longer open. You can download the Paint & Stick 1.53 beta which is currently still active. If we extend the beta further, we will put out a new version before v1.53 expires.

As of June 22nd 2016, we have uploaded an installer that will install in After Effects 2015.3. The downoad is titled "1.5b3a". If you had previously downloaded"1.5b3" it will not install for After Effects 2015.3, because it was created before After Effects 2015.3 was available.

If you already registered for the beta you don't have to register again, you can download this new beta from 'My Downloads & Licenses'. Otherwise download it by adding it to the cart using the 'Add to Cart' button above.

What's new in Paint & Stick 1.5? 

What is Paint & Stick?


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If you have issues or questions feel free to post a comment under the COMMENTS tab above or open a support ticket and we'll be happy to help.

About the Beta

This beta is available to download from June 1st, 2016, to June 21th, 2016.

All downloads of the 1.5.0 beta will expire June 15th, 2016. We will either make it available for purchase on the 15th, or extend the beta via an additional download if we're still working through user feedback.

Work created in the beta will not be watermarked, and will be usable with the full version of Paint & Stick after the beta expires.

Paint & Stick 1.5 will be free upgrade for all users who have purchased any past version of Paint & Stick.

We'd love all of your feedback, good, bad, a crazy feature request, or otherwise. post a comment under the COMMENTS tab above or open a support ticket. The creator of Paint & Stick will be reading all of them, and responding to your questions, so your feedback absolutely will be noticed.

You will get the best results with After Effects 2015, although we also support After Effects CS6.

Known issues, and what we need your help with

When we upgraded our brush engine, we re-wrote most of our tablet drivers and tablet support. Please let us know if your tablet does not work with Paint & Stick 1.5. Please also include the make and model of your tablet, your operating system, and which version of After Effects you're using.

On Windows, the new brush palette may not show every drop down, depending on your Windows display settings. You currently have to select an option, then mouse wheel scroll to get to options that are hidden. We're still trying to fix this.

Our new Cinema 4D exporter has been well tested with R17, however some object types are not supported in earlier versions of Cinema 4D. Please let us know if you find issues, and we'll see if we're able to solve them.

New issues discovered in the beta, thanks to users:

There was a new release of After Effects on 6/21/2016. After Effects 2015.3. Currently our installer does not install to this version. Please wait while we create an updated installer.

When your disk cache is completely full, sometimes undos do not show up until you purge the memory and disc cache. Sometimes erase strokes also hang on the screen when using fast draw, and do not disappear until refreshed, or purged. As a workaround, please keep a large cache, and purge at the first sign of trouble.

Changing "opacity" of a brush forces you to re-select the brush, even if you're currently using the fill tool, or eraser.

Tablet drivers may go offline infrequently, and your strokes will not show up. There is a workaround. They can be re-initialized by Deselecting Paint & Stick, tabbing to another application such as an internet browser, then tabbing back to After Effects (resetting the connection with Paint & Stick) then re-selecting Paint & Stick (Which resets the drivers).

The fill does not show up on a solid that has been scaled up by 200% or greater. Until we can fix it, the workaround is to paint at 100%, then restore transforms afterward.

This beta is made up almost entirely of fixes and feature suggestions from the amazing community of Paint & Stick users. Thank you very much for helping us create Paint & Stick 1.5!

After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6
Cinema 4D R17, R16, R15, R14