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Quick Overview

Your next generation file import dialog with super fast & fuzzy keyword search with a built-in audio player.

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Importing footage is an essential and often time-consuming part of the editing process. With QuickImporter you get a next generation file import dialog with super fast & fuzzy keyword search with a built-in audio player. It makes searching through large footage libraries a breeze.


features overview

  1. super fast & fuzzy searchinstantly search through thousands of files and find what you want - even with typos in your search term.
  2. thumbnail images for most file types (Mac only)
  3. audioplayer just hover over the file icon to start playback
  4. mediaplayer open video files in media player for preview
  5. image sequences are shown as a single search result - no need to navigate through hundreds of individual image files
  6. Premiere Pro & After Effects just one license for use in all host apps

Quicklook Thumbnails (Mac only)

thumbnails for many file types

Thumbnails in QuickImporter are based on MacOS Quicklook. This means QuickImporter supports thumbnails for a huge variety of file formats including psd, ai, eps and most video formats. More precisely, whenever MacOS finder is able to show a thumbnail for a file, QuickImporter is able to show it, too. If you don't get a thumbnail for a particular file format, you can check whether there exists a quicklook plugin for it.


Quick Navigation


Quickly navigate to your footage folders
thanks to favorites, recent folders
and the auto-complete system.


Bundle Deal

Editing Essentials Bundle
QuickImporter is also available as part of the Editing Essentials Bundle:
QuickImporter, Still Exporter and BeatEdit - 3 Premiere Pro extensions for an unbeatable price.


  • Due to a limitation of Premiere Pro, image sequence import is currently only supported in After Effects. The Premiere Pro team is aware of this limitation and hopefully fixing it in their future releases.
  • Thumbnail images are based on Mac OS Quicklook system. Hence on Windows, thumbnails are only available for jpg and png files.
After Effects CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015
Premiere CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015
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