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Author: Alan Eddie

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Quick Overview

Are you a messy motion graphics artist?
Sort your project panel, nice and neat.
Add Your Tags

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Tidy - Quote

* Sort project items by type into folders which you can name.

* Tidy only certain types, eg. Isolate missing footage or vector files.

* Focus Tidy - Tidy within selected folders, none selected tidies everything.

* Focus Tidy - Ignore selected - tidy everything except the selected folders.

* Tidy Pre-Comps - Based on name, for instance all comps starting with 'Pre-'.

* Remove unused footage button / Reduce project button  / Remove missing footage button.

* Remove all items containing text (input by user).

* Folderize all items containing text (input by user).

*Create My Folders (Create your usual folders-separated by commas)


Any old folders are dropped into a folder called ‘Old Folders’- in case you need to re-use.

Quick Tutorial

  • Messy Project Panel...
  • After running Tidy Up!
  • A look at the UI
After Effects CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3