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Author: Andrew Yang

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This plugin replaces textures by using a UV map.

Please note that this plugin is not compatible with CS6 or above

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This plugin allows you to add or replace textures on 3D renders by using a UV map. It can also be used to add reflections using a Normals map. UV and Normal map can be easily rendered with any 3D application.

Here is an example of a cloud texture being applied to a UV map:YY_UVmapper Demo(the AO isn't part of the plugin, I just overlayed it for a more finished effect)
The plugin is meant to be applied onto your UV map.


  • Input 2: this is the texture that will be used.
  • Top Left: crops the top left corner of the texture
  • Bottom Right: crops the bottom right corner of the texture
  • Offset X: offset the texture on the X axis
  • Offset Y: offset the texture on the Y axis
  • Scale: scale the texture
  • Tile: whether or not the texture should tile

It does not work with normal maps (it might do something though, but I don't think it'd be useful.)
As you can see, there aren't too many parameters, but this plugin does work for some simple re-texturing.

Have fun :)

After Effects CS5.5, CS5, CS4