The Power of Expression Book
The Monkey Suite Bundle

  • Alex White

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Animography Controller

    Animography Controller is a free tool that will help you to control your characters from one layer.

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  • BAO Plugins

    • Compatibility After Effects

    BAO Boa

    Boa is a plugin for After Effects built to distort layers along mask paths.

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  • Motion Design School

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Super Liquids

    Super Liquids creates a frame by frame style liquids trail animation.

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  • Sale

    Motion Boutique

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Mobo Motion Bundle

    Get Newton3 + Pastiche + LayerGenerators at a special price

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    Regular Price: $368.01

    Special Price: $289.99

  • New

    Alon Shemer

    • Compatibility After Effects

    AAF Relinker

    Relinks footage automatically, even if the name and duration are slightly different. Perfect for AAF import!

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  • ilumy design

    • Compatibility After Effects

    PATTOON - After Effects Texturing Plugin

    Texture mapping in Adobe After Effects is finally made easy with PATTOON. Get direct layer access to your textures from Creative Cloud Libraries, Photoshop and more plus a bunch of extra features, textures and presets for all your designing needs.

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  • Paul Tuersley

    • Compatibility After Effects


    Shifts or staggers selected layers in time by a user defined number of frames or seconds.
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  • François Tarlier

    • Compatibility After Effects


    This native plugin will use a "UV pass" (or ST map) rendered from your 3D package to directly re-texture your objects in After Effects.
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  • Bogdan Bogdanovic

    • Compatibility Photoshop

    Shadow Photoshop Extension

    Photoshop extension for adding realistic shadow for standing objects. Supports: text, regular (raster) layers, smart-objects.

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  • Rémi MONEDI

    • Compatibility After Effects


    A native plugin to create cool optical effects in your videos!

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  • Peter Quinn

    • Compatibility After Effects

    PQ FUI Toys 3

    Pre-animated, sometimes looping, customizable Fake User Interface assets, as editable After Effects comps. Just search, browse and generate editable AE comps using the new Script UI panel, then customize parameters to make it your own.

    Script UI Panel, brought to you by CompCode

    Free Upgrade for all PQ FUI Toys 2 customers!

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    • Compatibility After Effects

    Gridder 2

    Gridder arranges layers into a customizable grid in many ways - rectangle, 3d, circular or spiral.

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