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Author: Yurii Zaicev

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Quick Overview

AEmulator allows for easy emulation of games in After Effects by automatically animating the movement of game chips.

AEmulator - Allows you to easily arrange and manipulate game elements. Ideal for creating emulation of match 3 games and other games with chips in After Effects.

How to use:

Field creation

    • Add the chips to use in animation
    • Highlight them
    • Enter the indent from the edges of the chips to the edges of the composition
    • Enter the number of chips in width
    • Enter the number of chips in height
    • Press the build button


Replacing chips 

    • Select the chips to change
    • Open the list in the Layers tab and select the chip number


Animation of movement of chips

    • Select chip and press the arrow in the direction to move the chip (moves one cell) - left up right down
    • To move the chip forward and automatically backward, then press this button in the required direction - left right


Chip Explosion Animation

    • To blow up the chips, select the chips one by one and press the boom button (all the chips from above will fall automatically depending on the sequence of highlighting the chips) - boom


Chip flight animation

    • Set the null object in the place needed
    • Similar to the explosion animation
    • Press the up arrow button - arrow_up


Clearing all animation

    • Press this button to clear the entire animation - clear


Limitations of this version

    • You can create a maximum of 30x30 chips
    • After you have created a field in the created composition, you should not delete or add new layers (because the animation of falling chips after the explosion will not work as expected)
    • Where the word "cod" appears in the name of the song, you should not change its name
    • Chips fall only if we explode 1,2,3,4 or 5 chips. If we select more than 5 chips for the explosion, then all the chips that are on top will remain in place



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