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  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Clappix

Availability: No Longer Available

Quick Overview

AEmulator allows for easy simulation of games in After Effects by automatically animating the movement of game chips.

Professional Simulation of Gameplay

AEmulator enables you to effortlessly organize and manipulate game elements, making it perfect for simulating match-3 games and other chip-based games within After Effects.

Stay tuned for future updates, which will introduce new game simulations.


How to use

Grid creation of chips

To create a 3 by 3 grid, for example, we need to perform the following actions

Aemulator Match 3 build

Add and select the chips
Margins - enter the distance from the edge of the composition to the outermost chips in px
Width - the number of chips in width
Height - the number of chips in height
Click «Build M3»



Replacing chips 

Aemulator Match 3 selected

○ Select the chips to change
○ Open the list and select the chip number

Manipulation of chips

To move a chip, select it and press the arrow pointing in the desired direction: left, up, right, or down (moves one cell).
To move the chip forward and backward automatically, press the button in the corresponding direction.

Aemulator Match 3 move

Aemulator Match 3 boom

To detonate the chips, select them one by one and press the explosion button. All chips above them will fall automatically based on the order in which the chips were selected.

Set the null object to the desired location.
Select chips one by one
Click the up arrow button.

Aemulator Match 3 fly


Limitations of this version ‼


You can create a field with a maximum size of 50x50 chips.
Once you have created the field in the composition, you should avoid deleting or adding new layers, as this can cause issues with the animation of falling chips after an explosion.
Chips will only fall if 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 chips are exploded. If more than 5 chips are selected for the explosion, any chips stacked on top will remain in place.




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