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Blace - AI Face Detection

  • Compatibility After Effects
    Please check exact version compatibility under the "COMPATIBILITY" tab below
  • Compatibility Premiere
    Please check exact version compatibility under the "COMPATIBILITY" tab below

Author: Blace Plugins

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Quick Overview

Artificial Intelligence-based plugin for face detection and blurring.

NOTE THAT IT IS CURRENTLY ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS. Please check full compatibility details below.

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NEW VERSION (v1.2) with much better cpu performance and custom layer masks out now!

Worlds first ai based and automated face detection and blurring system for compositing and editing.


Easy-to-use and AI-based detection


Control over detection areas and excluding of detections

Several customizable styles

Customize detection sizes


Premiere Pro support

Runs on Premiere Pro with same feature set and performance (only masking workflow is limited).

GPU accelerated

Nvidia cards from Kepler architecture and newer can be used to increase detection speed.

Full 8- / 16- / 32-bit support

Use detections to control other effects (e.g. custom blur)










Blace is a windows only plugin at the moment. It runs on AE 2020 and PP 2020. Please test your configuration the in demo mode.


AI-based solutions can outperform manual approaches, but also can produce unpredictable results. The detection framework was tested extensively but may fail in some cases, e.g. miss faces in the footage or falsely detect similar-looking objects. Please test the plugin before buying to figure out if it works in your use case. Especially if Blace is used for identity protection, its detection results must be verified.

Trial version

In the trial version faces can only be drawn with "Outline" style. A watermark is present.




Parameters are the same for CPU and GPU version, but differ slightly between AE and PP.

Detection Tab

Buffer Size

The higher the Buffer Size value, the smaller faces can be detected in the current frame. Higher
buffer size also leads to longer computation time.

Masking Tab

Exclude largest faces

Faces are sorted by size and the n largest faces wont become blurred. This can be useful if e.g.
you want to blur faces only in the background of a subject.

Include Masks / Exclude Masks / Additional Masks (AE only, see PP workaround below)

This is a system which gives you granular control over which areas to blur. Pressing one of the
„Add“ buttons will add a corresponding mask.

Include Masks

Faces inside an include mask will become blurred by the plugin.

Exclude Masks

Faces inside an exclude mask won't become blurred. This is evaluated after the include masks.

Additional Masks

An additional masks can be used to define faces which were not recognized by the plugin.

Tipp: Control the influence of the masks with the inbuild "mask opacity". If value is greater than 0% mask will be used.

Modes & Scaling Tab


You can choose between „Face“ and „Eyes“, which will position the mask accordingly.

Use rotation

If enabled, the face mask will follow the rotation of the face.

Scaling & Expanding

Use those sliders to define size and expansion of the masks. This is applied relative to the
masks size.

Appearance Tab

Style (Custom layer is AE only)

The style which is used for mask drawing. Try them :)


Applies to „Solid Rectangle“ and „Outline“ style and defines the effects color.


Used by „Outline“ and „Mosaic“ style and defines the lines width and accordingly the number of
mosaic tiles.

Effect on transparent

Use this to draw the effect result on a transparent canvas. This way you can use control other
layers effects, e.g. a blur layer, with the detections.

Premiere Pro version

The Premiere Pro version has some differences with the After Effects version.

Deactivate effect for previews

Keep this activated for smoother preview and timeline scrubbing. Only deactivate when needed.

Sadly, the masking workflow in Premiere Pro is very limited and therefore Blace offers a
(restricted) workaround compared to the After Effects version. You can use the Midpoint, Width
and Height sliders to define an area, which either serves as include or as exclude mask (switch
with „Type“ field). To visualize the mask, enable „Draw mask“ (and disable it for rendering). We
hope to provide a better workaround in the future!


After Effects 2020, CC 2019
Premiere 2020