Broadcast Bundle for Squash & Stretch Pro

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This bundle includes 130 behaviors and more than 200 sound effects for Squash & Stretch Pro with a subtle, elegant style.
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Broadcast Bundle for Squash & Stretch Pro


Footage kindly provided by Stefan Möhl, Royalty Free Music by Amazing Music Tracks

Sometimes animations must feel professional but go rather unnoticed. Lower thirds or explainers with a more serious style don't need a firework of effects. This bundle contains in/out behaviors moves and transitions for Squash & Stretch Pro that support you in these kinds of projects. Subtle, elegant, serious.

130 behaviors & 208 sound effects

Can the sound effects be used with other applications?

When applying a behavior to a layer, Squash & Stretch can add sound effects automatically that are tailored for this animation. But you can also access the sound effects as normal wav files (as described in this tutorial) such that you can use them with any other application.

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Like all extra bundles, this bundle requires Squash & Stretch Pro and does not work with Squash and Stretch Free.

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