Welcome to BAO Bones’ User Guide!

This user guide explains all features, controls, and current quirks of BAO Bones. The various tutorials presented here will guide you from beginner to pro. This is meant to be complete and thorough, so you can take it as a BAO Bones “bible”. If you’re just starting out and want to play right away, jump to the Quickstart section. We have provided the AEP project files with each tutorial so you can follow along smoothly.

This user guide is divided into three Parts:


Part 1: Introduction


The Quickstart section in this Part will let you play with Bones right away; it’s a simple tutorial to teach you the most fundamental features in BAO Bones. This Part also introduces you to what BAO Bones is, the general capabilities, comparison with other popular rigging tool, and installation instructions.


Part 2: Workflows


After finishing the Quickstart, you will begin the real journey in this Part 2. Throughout the tutorials you will learn various advanced workflows, such as how to rig a limb with great customizability, how to create parent-child relationships, how to rig a full character, how to define a custom mesh for your limb, how to create certain set deformation depending whether the limb is bent or straight, and so much more. In this Part 2 you’ll also be warned about some quirks in BAO Bones if they haven’t been solved in the current version, so you won’t be lost when you encounter such problems. Don’t worry, the various tutorials here will guide you step by step, increasing in difficulty, so you can follow along smoothly.


Part 3: Full Controls


This Part 3 is dedicated for exploring all controls (properties) in BAO Bones, including those not yet covered in Part 2. All controls are displayed in a list format, so no tutorials are presented here. This is a perfect reference if you ever get lost and, for example, wondering what are the “IK Proportion” controls doing to your character. This Part 3 is best read with the previous Part 2 “Workflows”, as it provides practical examples of what these controls are doing. Links are neatly provided so you can jump back and forth between the two Parts, for seamless reading.


Here is the full Table of Contents for this user guide:

Complete User Guide for BAO Bones
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