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Author: R-Smart

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Quick Overview

Collection of tools to automate working with Element 3D




These tools have been developed to accelerate the production of TV infographics using Element 3D


  • Facilitates and accelerates the animation settings in Element 3D. This is especially noticeable when using a large number of animated objects.
  • Automate repetitive operations to increase accuracy and avoid errors.
  • Greatly reduces the number of clicks.
  • Allows you to bind (and unbind) an element group with Control Layers (in the terminology Element 3D - Control Nulls). At the same time, the resizing is performed according to the format of the composition. This means that the layer of Element 3D with its Control Layers can be copied and correctly pasted into a composition of another format, you will only need to click on the Control Layers reassignment button. You can use any types of layers as Control Layers.
  • Usage of 2D and 3D modes. In 2D mode, you customize the scene and render in 3D mode. Note: When 2D mode is activated, the Control Layer's visibility is inherited by the whole hierarchy of its Child Layers.
  • Automatic binding of Custom Channels with the selected layers.
  • Automatic filling of Custom Channels directly from E-Text Editor. In this case, each line of the text becomes a separate text layer with a favorite font and favorite size. Each layer automatically binds to Custom Channels. You can create a list of favorite fonts from the list only in OS Windows, In Mac OS, the list of favorite fonts can be made only by entering a font name in the text field. The Text Editor can automatically crop extra spaces, change the case, and add the most common special characters, such as currency symbols, copyright icons, etc.
  • Allows selecting all layers from the active composition according to certain criteria. For example, all precomps with the names of cities or all footages, and so on.
  • Copy/Paste Layers with Element to transfer Element between compositions.
  • In all cases, the tools take into account any number of Element 3D effects on the same layer.


Adds the Element 3D effect in one click.

Automatic addition of keys for Aux Channels.
Copy selected keys or all keys from one group and paste them into another.

Bind to Group Nulls.

Break Connections to Group Nulls.

Automatic binding of Custom Channels with the selected layers.


Allows filling Custom Channels directly from the Text Editor.
Each line of the text becomes a separate text layer.

Switch to 2D Mode. In 2D mode you can customize the scene.

Switch to 3D Mode. In 3D mode you can perform rendering.

Copy/Paste Layers with Element to transfer Element between compositions.

Batch processing of all layers that meet certain criteria.
For example, it can be all city names, or all cars, or titles, or any type of layers.

These tools have been developed and tested by Video One Production company, which produces infographics for the main Ukrainian TV channels.

How to make infographics using Element 3D. Scene analysis.

After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6
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