Is there something like Image mask from Apple Motion?
  • Hi i'm new here, I use AE every day for a lot of different projects, mostly 2D animation, i also know very well Apple motion for his ability to create great titles for FCPX. and although it is very limited cobnfronted with AE there is something that it does infinetly better, and for me it's incredible that AE does not have something similar: The Image Mask option.

    This function allows me to apply a matte to any layer i want using the alpha/ from another layer, same as alpha matte in AE but without the need to keep the layer exactly above the masked layer and without the need to duplicate the mask layer for every masked one.

    Currently i'm using the "Set Matte" effect, but it doesen't work well (doesen't count for resizes and other effects forcing me to precompose the masks if it's scaled) and othe issues regarding layer sizes.

    Is there a script/effect/plugin that does this task?

    Thanks for the help; this is driving me crazy.