Smart Posterizer
  • Hello,

    We bought two licenses for this plugin. It's great!
    Only problem is that it generates an expression in English without detecting Ae's language.
    I tried modifying the source code to change "Slider" into "Curseur" but it's gibberish-y JSXBIN.
    Any help?

    EDIT: one solution that could be very easily international is to call the Slider by its property index instead of name. So: layer("layername").effect("FrameUpdate")(1);

    Thank you.
  • Hi there. The script was made some time ago, and isn't currently designed to cover other languages. If you open a support ticket, I'll see if there's a patch I can make to get it working. I don't currently have a lot of time for development, so I can't promise I can easily update this. If it prevents you using the script and I am unable to work something out, I can offer a refund for the script. Thanks! - Ian