Rescue Matte Cleaner
  • Is it AE 2021 compatible?
  • Black ops effects, in your first 2019 Rescue Matte Cleaner tutorial on YouTube you promised a second tutorial to follow. This has not transpired.

    Previously you asked for my comments on this plugin. I will use this Comments section to relate my experience of using your Rescue Matte Cleaner and Rescue Matte Filler. On reasonably good 2K green screen clips utilising a Mac Pro 2019 with lots of "grunt", both products are slow to perform. After experimenting with alternate post keying assistance plugins I found Boris FX' Alpha Process far superior to deal with noise and rough edges on keyed clips.

    Sadly, the widely praised Red Giant Key Correct Suite of filters is now defunct. In any case, I've had better success using Red Giant's Primatte Keyer to key difficult video that AE (The Foundry's) Keylight. In some instances articulated masks are necessary to restore holes in keys, but I have found this far preferable than relying on Rescue Matte Filler which in my experience creates artefacts.