IDEA for a AE Plugin - Loop Helper
  • Hi!

    I'm alway struggeling when trying to loop video footage (even when camera is fixed on a tripod). You try to find a good "matching" frame or cut in the middle and bring the end part to the beginning and vice versa.
    my helping tool of choice is the difference matte to compare 2 layers of the same footage to find the best looping (or blending/transition) spot.

    How about a plugin/script that hels with that:


    this would be the way to build it (how I would do it, if I could)

    - compares every picture with every other picture within the (trimmed) footage
    - USE THE "DIFFERENCE" layer blending mode to lay every picture over every other one
    - scan how much of the picture is black (or dark) - save -> maybe in percent
    - at the end find the combination where the result has the most percentage of black
    -> that should be the most similar frame to an other one to make a loop

    I'm totally not into coding, really I just can't

    sorry for my bad english, does anyone know what I mean
    is someone here how does that and could try?

    have a nice day...