Analog Video Feedback Effects in After Effects
  • Hello all, 
    I'm new to this community. I teach After Effects at Johns Hopkins University. In my own work I have been interested in attempting to create visual effects that look and feel like Analog Video feedback ? I was hoping I could find a plug in that allowed the user to create feedback - haven't found that though. 

  • Hello Jimmy! 
    Andrei Jay (the guy from your video) is a sort of genius in video art. He implemented some free-to-use application, which you can find on GitHub. Try to search for information about Andrei, i think it is best way to learn about video synth software (the thing you looking for). 
  • This effect is done by looping through a video mixer and I think no specific camera or lens is used to record this feedback. They implemented some free-to-use applications like which you can easily find on GitHub and use their analogs to record a feedback video.