Fractal Noise 3D
  • Is this still being supported in CC?
  • Hi, I'm Koizumi.

    Yes It works on CC. (FractalNoise3D.aex or FractalNoise3D.plugin.)
    But it also depends on graphic borad.
    So the best way to check is to use free trial version on your machine.
  • Hi,

    Could you please tell me if Fractal Noise 3D will work with Particular.


    Thankyou Alan.

  • Hi

    Yes, it works.
    But please check it does work on your machine by free trial version.
  • Love this plugin! Is there a way to end the cloud layer, as in I'm ready to "emerge" out of the cloud layer and come out the other side? Alternatively, is there a way to lock this down? I'm wanting to use it as volumetric clouds but right now I don't know how to have it "end". Any ideas? 

    Thank you for creating such a stellar program, if this works out then I'll buy it!
  • Hi

    Geometry parameters, or "Transparent Radius", "Raytrace Depth" parameters in Rendering topic, make the shape of clouds.
    Especially, "Transparent Radius" parameter decides the distance clouds from camera,
    and "Raytrace Resolution" parameter decides the depth of clouds.
    Try those parameters.
  • Hi
    Im having a weird thing happen. I get my fog to animate as I want....looks good in RAM preview....I then render, and I get this weird flicker and pop.
    I cleared my cache....and adjusted slightly on the frames I saw the pop....ram previewed again. It looked good.
    I then render and the flicker showed up in different place in timeline.
    Not sure why.....any suggestions?
  • Hi
    Do you mean it is water mark? or could you show me what the  flicker and pop are like?
  • Thanks for your response...Didnt notice, so sorry for late reply.
    Here is the link to example.
    There are only key frames at the beginning and end of the no keyframes where you see the errors.
  • I heave discovered this.....when I copy and paste the fog layer between comps, and them nove the layer in x or y, it causes this. The comps are the same size.
    Theres no obvious reason for it....the fog sometimes looks good in viewport, but then renders with twitching errors

    I have 10 comps that need to have the same IM copying and pasting the fog between them.
    Is there a better way to do this?

    Or is there a setting thats just too sensitive, that I need to adjust in my set up?
    One other thing you should know...I am attaching the 3d noise layer to a mocha pro null to track with the camera in 2d.
  • Thank you for reporting.
    It seems to be occurred by rendering settings.

    How about making a composition includes the noise layer, and copying it?

    I would like to research the problem.
    But I could not replay the bug on my PC.
    Could you give me the project file to [email protected], and please tell me your OS, version of AE?

  • Sure....let me put something will just have the layer in which we are having the issue, and any nulls etc. thanks for looking. give me a little bit!

    thanks again!

  • Hi
    Heres that scene file.
    After  a few tries...the issue randomly went away.....another clue, I was using BG Renderer...not sure if that could cause an issue?
  • Hi, thank you for giving project file.
    I can replay the bug, without BG Renderer.

    It seems to be occurred by huge size layer.
    I will try to fix, but it takes a time.

  • cool....thanks so much.
    I had to make an over scan layer of the fog so that when the camera moved with the 2d track the fog didnt run out of frame....thanks for looking into this. Let me know what you find!

  • Hi
    I made fixed version.
    On my PC, the problem was removed.

    The plugin is attached with this comment.
    Could you test this version?
  • Thanks!
    Will Do....might be a couple days.
  • Plugin often crashed with DepthChannel activated on CC2014 on OS X. DepthLayer name shortened in DropDown. And very often crashed! Tried on different systems. Mac Pro OS X 10.10 with GTX 770 4GB, iMac 5K, Mac Pro with GTX Titan 6GB. No differences! Very good plugin but absolutely senseless with this bug. :/
  • Hi
    Thank you for reporting.

    Now I made fixed version.
    I attached the version with this comment.
    Could you test this?

    If this version does not work, please open a support ticket, and report more details.
  • Hi, thanks for response. :) I tried the new version (versionss? i386? Think it's an old pc version of plugin). No differences! Sadly. I opened a ticket.
    Best, Joern
  • The turbulence are too fast, how slowest them. I want make fog. Fog is slowest
  • It depends on how the parameters are animated, and how the camera moves.
    Especially,"Raytrace Depth" and "Raytrace Resolution" parameters are important.
    Increasing those parameters makes the fog looks stable.
    Also, please check the manuals for more details.

  • hello 
    i tried the demo in AE CC2015. i noticed that when i scroll the cursor it does play the fog normally, but when i hit the playback it doesn't do anything... is this a demo restriction or is not compatible with my system?
  • Hi,
    No, the demo restriction is only watermark.
    So it seems to be error or bug.
    Please open a support ticket and report more details.
  • Please correspond to CC 2017.
  • Hi
    The latest version works on CC2017.
  • Crash every time on AE 2018
  • Hi,
    Please open a support ticket and report more details.
  • Any chance this can be updated for 2021 ???
  • Hi
    I checked the plugin and it's working on After Effects 2021.
    So I don't update it now. 
    If you have any problem with the plugin, please open a support ticket and report more details.
  • How 'bout AE 2022?
  • It looks working on my machine.
    It doesn't support multi-frame rendering.

    Please check on your machine with free trial version.
  • AE2022 with multi-frame if possible please!
  • I'm sorry but it's hard to support multi-frame rendering because it's using openGL.
  • Thank you so much for your discussion, really it is important for me.