From SureTarget (Videocopilot) + ease-and-wizz to... what?
  • Hey guys,

    long time AFX user here. This thread concerns all the people like me who fall in love with the amazing possibilites of the plugin "Sure Target" offered by VideoCopilot. Even stronger plugin when combined with ease-and-wizz.

    It's been my all-time combo when it comes to quick, professional and clean animations, and to be honest, I've never come across any other similar plugin. But it's a "rare" thing.... even on video copilot's website, this plugin is not "showcased". Yo gotta dig into old tutorials, grab the tutorial demo files and find the plugin there If I remember correctly.

    While it's been more and more difficult for me to make it work (JS legacy version and other "bugs") and while I still can use it, I'm very afraid the next update will be it's doom.

    What dyou guys use as an alternative? Thanks so much!

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