I have a script i'd like to sell on aescript but it is written in python or windows batch
  • Hello everyone
    I work as a postproduction editor and cg artist. I always have to go back and forth from avid to after effects : i have to export a lot of subsequences in order to use them in after. This is a real pain in the a** as there are often more then 100 of subsequences to export.
    So i wrote two scripts to do it for me : 
    the first one takes an edl (actually two) and uses ffmpeg to create the subsequences media in both texted and textless versions, i wrote two versions : first in batch, second in python (which is way faster and would potentialy work on a mac with a few tweeks).
    The second one just creates compositions from these elements two by two so i don't have to because it would be a drag. 
    It is a js script you run from after effects.
    I guess i should just write a whole js that does all of these in after but i'm not sure js is able to run cmd commands without tweaks.

    My questions are : 
    1- Can one sell python or batch scripts on ae-scripts ?
    2- Does anyone here faces the same challenges, and would they be interested in using / buying these scripts ?

    Thank you for your attention and take care
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