Rendering pass ID layer with a After Effect effect
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm going to throw a bottle in the sea! 

    I'm looking for a plugin/script that allows to render After Effect passes. That with a simple effect to put on a layer, giving it a number (or a name) then allows that when I render my composition, I get automatically an additional pass of my element on which I added an effect. 
    and of course, if another element passes over it, it must be cut/multiplied/intersected by it
    If possible integrated in an exr file ?
    So that later I can manage independently in another compositing software. 

    I explain myself: 

    Do you know the render object&texture ID in 3D software? 
    For those who don't know, it's a rendering pass that a 3D software can output. 
    For example if I activate the pass and I render a tree in 3D, I will get a render of my tree (beauty) and also a multicolor pass (object or texture ID). With this pass, I will be able to select (with a key effect) for example the color of the leaves of my tree in a composition software. This will allow me to adjust the color of the leaves only. Even if another 3D object passes in front of it (I don't have to rotoscope). 

    I advise you to look at information about ID passes on the internet to have more information.


    Imagine that this could exist on After effect ? 

    For example, let's take the case of if I have to integrate a facebook interface in a phone and the character is scrolling down on his phone.
    For this kind of thing, I first use After effect to create the interface and the scroll animation.  
    Then, I make an exr render.
    And finally I integrate the render in Nuke X for the track, the colors, the reflections etc...

    Sometimes, I need to adjust colors of some elements that are in my MotionDesign from after effect. Like for example a photo that goes up/down with the scrool. 
    To avoid making a track or a roto of this picture, I would like to have a mask that comes from my after effect renderer. 

    Of course, you will tell me that I have to make another composition in after effect and render another image sequence. 
    Yes, that's what I'm doing right now. 

    But I often have about 10 masks to output. And if my scroll changes, I have to redo these 10 compositions... 

    I hope I've made myself clear, because this is a very technical case and quite hard to explain. 
    I guess what I'm looking for is not to be found, but if a coder feels like making this plugin, I think he'll have a lot of buyers! 

    Thanks to all ! 
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