BG Renderer Pro and CS6
  • Hey, we have been having numerous bug issues with BG Renderer and AE CS6, we noticed that it doesnt say it is compatible with cs6 and that the last version was written over 2 years ago (may 2011). are you still supporting this? are you going to release something compatible with cs6? 
  • Here is a screenie of one of the issues we have been dealing with 
    Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 11.03.54 AM.png
    583 x 351 - 56K
  • This is not a CS6 related issue.  The problem here is that After Effects is unable to read the project file and since it cannot open the project to render the rest of the calls fail which is why the last two errors happen.  I would make sure that AE has full read/write permissions to the folder where the project file is stored.