Recursive Scale Comp
  • AE is stuck for a while now with the Progress window showing "Processing Circles" and the bar almost in the middle not moving. Any ideas?
  • Sounds like something in your composition is causing the script to hang. Can you open a support ticket and upload your example file? Y
  • I've tried to scale up a comp from (160x91) to (640x364) and i've got that error message. "Unable to execute script at line 262. After Effects error: Unable to set with. Value 40960 out of range 1 to 30000". My AE version is CS5 and I work on pc.
  • I've tried to scale up a comp from (160x91) to (640x364) and i've got that error message. "Unable to execute script at line 262. After Effects error: Unable to set with. Value 40960 out of range 1 to 30000". My AE version is CS5 and I work on pc.
    Please open a support ticket for this issue.
  • Please also include your project file when you place a ticket. There may be something in your composition that the script is unable to handle.
  • Hello!
    Firstly this looks awesome :-) I wanted to check that it will also do font's etc as shown in this video:
    Looking forward to your replies.

  • Hi Joshua,

    To answer your question, no. Not in the way shown on your video. The Recursive Scale Comp script changes the scale parameter in the transform and the dimensions of the compositions. It will not do copy fitting or change the point size of the typography.
  • Hey,
    i just made the update to CC2014, do you plan to updete the script?
    I think it is realy handy and it would be great.

  • Thanks Stefan,
    The script should still function as normal under CC 2014. Are you running into any problems with it?
  • Hi Michael,

    I want to commend you on your script.  It is a great tool.  I wanted to ask however that can you improve upon it by allowing a user to recursive scale multiple comps in the project window at the same time.  There is a caveat however....namely that if comps within the group being recursively scaled source the same nested composition it should only be scaled once. I imagine in that scenario a database would have to be created to allow the script to recognize which nested compositions have already been recursively scaled.

    Adding that feature would not only speed up the use of the script but also increase it's usefulness when more than a single comp needs to be recursively scaled.  Currently the only way I can scale all my compositions is to use the script on one, reduce the project to just that one, than save the project, re-open the original project, select the next comp, reduce, save, re-open original and so on.  Very cumbersome and could very easily be avoided.

    Your Thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thanks So Much

  • Interesting idea. I'll look into it and if it's something that can be implemented without getting too complicated I'll update it. I'll let you know if and when it happens!
  • Hi, thank for this script, can you add some features - change resolution without aspect ratio, and add change frame rate.
    Example: this version change resolution from 1920*1080 only to 2048*1152, but need 2048*858 or 1998*1080.
  • Thanks Ilya! I'll look into it. If it's easily doable I may implement it.
  • Thanks for the great script, it saved me a lot of trouble!
  • Amazing script. 2 problems I've run into:
    1) does not work on comps with locked layers. Please add option to unlock all layers in comps before scaling
    2) add option to Collapse Transformations on all layers recursively as well

  • And ability to select multiple Comps when running script
  • Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be looking into it.
  • It's a great script - but as being AE has it's own script to do the same thing, I'd hoped (but not checked first) that this script would allow me to change multiple compositions. Sadly, I still have to go through all 200 comps 1 by 1. I guess hoping $8 would fix my bind was a bit of a stretch. 

    But if there was a way to make this work across multiple comps, the same was your CompSetter script does - that would be amazing. 

    Otherwise, I basically just gave you $8 for nothing. :-( 

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  • One key difference with the Scale Composition script is that the RecursiveScaleComp script will iterate through all the nested scripts and scale their contents whilst inversely scaling the nested composition.

    One workaround to batch process multiple compositions is to select the comps in the project panel and drag them into a new composition. Then run the RecursiveScaleComp script. This will essentially process all the compositions like a batch process.
  • This is an awesome script. Saved me a tonne of time and frustration!