Time Offset Animation
  • Hello, I am trying, works fine but I have troubles with more than 73 layers, "opacity" property
  • Hey Wilfredo,

    Sorry to hear that...what appears to be going wrong?  If you want to send me a sample project file (or screenshot showing setup) and details about what values you're setting (screenshot of tool UI), I'll take a look at it on my end and see what's happening on the code side.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  • Hi Calvin, 

    Looks like a great script. I have one notion though, can it offset animation that is already there? I.e. you have 10 layers with a scale animation going from 0% to 100% in 10 frames. Could you offset this animation? So that the scale animation on layer two starts a few frames after the first layer, and then layer three starts a few frames after that. 

    I guess its more like a layer offset. 

    Great work!

    Tor Martin
  • Hey Tor Martin,

    That's exactly how it works!  You have n number of layers...you set up your animation on one (and only one) of the layers, run the script and voila! The animation for each of the child layers will be offset just as you described.  The script has the ability to do offset-based animations for all of the transform properties right now and may eventually include more properties/effects.

    Hope that answers your question!
  • Hi Calvin,

    I've just downloaded this as I need it to work for rotation of 3D layers. It rotates fine on the z-axis but not the x or y. Is there an easy way of getting this to work or would I need to copy the expression onto the x and y rotation and change the value to the corresponding axis?

  • Hey Nathan,

    Thanks for checking out the script.  Let me take a look and see if there is a quick fix that I can incorporate into the current build.  Give me a few days and I'll get back to you!


  • Hey Calvin. 

    Does it work with CC 2015.3?

  • Hi Markus,

    I haven't tested it in 2015.3 but I will definitely do so in the next 2-3 days and update the compatibility.  That being said, I don't see any reason for it not to work in 2015.3 since it's only working on transform properties.


  • Tested and works in 2015.3 and 2017.  I've also updated the Compatibility tab on the main page. 

    Thanks again!
  • This doesn't seem to work for 3d-layers when you need X or Y axis rotational animation...Only z-axis rotation works
  • So all of the videos are gone. Can you repost the so we can operate this thing?
  • Thanks for the heads up!  The videos are back online.  Enjoy!
    So all of the videos are gone. Can you repost the so we can operate this thing?