"stepiness" in facets opacity while animating noise offset
  • Hi,
    I've encountered a difficult problem after designing a complex diament like shape in Plexus 2. The design looks great, but now I want to introduce an slow animation to it by keyframing noise effector offset. That changes the size of facets, which it turn, make them fade in and out. Which I like. The big problem here is the "stepiness" of these opacity changes. They are not smooth but kind of flicker going from one level of opacity to another. I haven't seen that kind of stepiness in other plugins like Particular or regular opacity property. This look pretty busy and overall bad, because I have a lot of facets and each of the flicker while changing opacity. There has to be some solution to that otherwise the plugin is not very useful. Please help.
    Thanks so much.
  • Just a few more details. It looks like this stepiness is especially pronounced with blue semi-transparent facets on black background. Still image attached.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.03.25 PM.png
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  • I was not able to get rid of this "stepiness", but I was able to reduce it a little bit. First I changed the hue of blue and then I deselected "Get opacity from vertices" in Facets Renderer. It looks better. But still there! If someone knows how to fix it, I'll appreciate your input. I have a feeling though that this might me a limitation of how changes in dark shades of color are rendered in After Effects (it may be related to gradation banding).
  • Please post this in the Plexus discussion or open a support ticket.
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