Pluxus 2 points parented to .obj points
  • Hi, I'm trying to do something which I'm hoping is possible but with no luck.

    I would like to import an obj and have each point on that object available for After Effects layers to be parented to. eg have a text layer 'stuck' on one of the vertices of a sphere. I'm thinking lights come into it somehow but I can't work out how to generate a load of lights from the points of an obj.

    I'm hoping to have different text and images that can make use of the Plexus engine by being parented to the points of the object somehow. The closest I can get is to use sprites, but random positioning to points isn't going to work. I'd like control over what layer parents to each point.

    I'd really appreciate any clues, as I've spent most of my day trying to work this out...