• Hello, Dave! Very handy script!
    One question: for example if i have particular emitter particle/sec set as expression "wiggle (100,10)" and i pressed "value reduction" - old expression will be override with new one by renderhog or it will save my expression?
  • Hey Tt Rr!  Any existing expression would be overwritten however you could modify the expression created by RenderHogs to include your original expression.  If you wanted to reduce down to 25%, you could modify the expression to say the following:

    if (thisComp.layer("(oo) Expression Target").enabled) { 
    } else {

    I hope this helps, thank you!

  • Hello Dave,
    Is it compatible with CC 2014.2 ?
  • Hey Hugues Joubert, RenderHogs is compatible with CC 2014.2.  Please feel free to download the trial, it's fully functioning for 15 days so you can make sure you're happy with how everything is working.  Thank you!

  • I'll try it, thank you !
  • Hey — great idea, great implementation

    Don’t know what your current thoughts on preserving expressions are, but here’s a way:

    Let’s say that the Particles/sec property of Particular is animated using wiggle(3, 500)

    Running the “value reduction” script with value 10% on this property would do a few things:
    1. create a slider expressionControl on the Particular layer
    2. copy the wiggle(3, 500) expression to this slider control
    3. replace the expression on Particles/sec with (pseudocode):

    if renderHogs enabled
      valueOfSliderControl * 0.1
  • Ross, thanks for that really great suggestion!  I really like how simple it is and will most likely implement it in the next version of the script.
  • Dang. I thought 8,99$ is a great price (as it's still advertised 21.2) but I'm too late :(.
  • Hey Miika! Apologies for any confusion.  I just sent you a private message regarding this.
  • Hey Miika! Apologies for any confusion.  I just sent you a private message regarding this.
    I'm super thankful for this! Thanks a lot! I'll remember this :)
  • To do what RenderHog does without RenderHog, is not to do it at all. Because clicking on/off in and out layers, plugins etc is so tedious that you just dont do it. So thanks for this game changing script!

    As I've done some initial tests and seen hoe RH changes the workflow I had an idea. I can imagine that there is a script for this already, but here it goes anyways. What if you could pick a set of layers/effects/values etc. in the same way you can in RH now. But instead of ENABLE/DISABLE you would have different "layers/groups". So I could focus on certain effects/layers from that script. For an example I could click a button that would "solo" all the layers I've chosen and disable certain effects etc. And by clicking another button/group I could focus on another set of layers/effects.

    Anycase you changed my AE game! And thanks for that!
  • Thanks for the suggestion Miika!  I had originally considered doing something like this when I started writing the script however I opted to keep it simple for the initial release.  I'm definitely considering this for a future version.  Thank you!
  • Hi Dave,

    Just bought your script.
    I'm glad someone was able to finally make this happen :)

    Just a quick question:
    Is there a way to value sub on-off values? (so that would be a property where you can choose either on or off, in my case it's for turning off the reflection and shadows and AO in Element 3D v2)

    thank you!

    - j
  • aha, it's okay (and logical):


    - j
  • Hi, 
    Yesterday I downloaded the trial version , actually I used the commend version of this script with ft-toolbar , I like it so much it's really useful, so I bought it today but I don't know where to insert the activation code , should I wait till it finish the trial Period then the script will asks about the activation code ?!
  • Hello!  You just need to enter the serial for the RenderHogs v1.00.jsxbin script.  Once you've entered the serial here, the other scripts will switch from trial mode to licensed as well.  Please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks for the purchase!

    Dave Jacobson
  • Quick kudos -- it's about half a year after I bought RenderHogs and it continues to be indispensable.
  • Thanks so much Ross, I'm really thrilled to hear that!
  • I'm in love with this script. Incredibly useful. 

    I can't seem to get Value Sub and Particular to work together (it works on other effects). I'm trying to replace the Particles/Sec in the Aux System, and it successfully creates the Expression Target layer, but the value stays the same. Any help?

    Edit: never mind, it's because the value doesn't allow expressions. Damn you Red Giant!
  • Oh that's a bummer!
  • It's been a couple years since this developer released the initial versions of his scripts and there have been no updates since. Is this still in active development?
  • Why is there no "Remove all Hog Tags" button? I want to clean up my project after this script, and now I have to manually search around hundreds of layers for those tagged as hogs. This is just weird.
  • Will CC2017 be added to the compatibility list?
  • Why is there no "Remove all Hog Tags" button? 
    This is a great idea! Or maybe a seperate Remove Hog Tags script for users that get Hog tagged projects and don't own the product?
  • Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response. Work has kept me very busy these last few months.

    Yes, I do plan to introduce support for CC2017. The "remove all" feature is a great idea and I'll be looking into what it will take to implement. It should be pretty straight forward. I haven't received any bug reports for this product which is why it's still on a v1.00. I am also open to the idea of creating a free cleanup script for users that do not own this product.

  • Atleast with me this has worked without problems with CC2017. 

    WIth the ALT value you can turn on/off checkboxes and choose stuff from a dropdown list. Very useful for an example with Element 3D where you can make RenderHogs to turn Element into preview or draft mode. I would be super happy if there would be easier way to choose if checkbox is turned on/off with RenderHogs or which thing from a dropwon list is chosen when hogs are disabled. There could be list in renderhogs where there would be only numbers from 1-6 or something like that and you could choose for an example number 3 and click a button which would choose third option from a list when hogs are off. Something similiar would be great for checkboxes. This would be great addition to alternative value.

    Anycase RenderHogs is a must have if you work with anything thats super heavy on your computer. Taking some time to take RenderHogs as part of your workflow might make your work faster than a brand new computer without RenderHogs. In some cases this is uber cheap alternative to new GPU or a computer =)
  • Anyone know of anything like this for C4D?  I suppose it could be done with the takes system, but it wouldn't be optimal.
  • Any updates on the CC 2017 compatibility? I wanted to get it but I have CC 2017...
  • Hey Johnathan, I've just completed testing this script with CC 2017 and it's good to go.  As always, I recommend using the 14 day trial to ensure it works as expected.  Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
  • Is there a way to make RenderHogs work with Layer Styles? This script is great, by the way, indispensable!
  • Hey Raedia!  RenderHogs doesn't currently work with Layer Styles, however that's a great idea and I'll be looking into that...

  • Pressing "Toggle and Render!" freeze my aftereffects?   Mac with latest version of AE 15.1.1 build 12, anyone else have this issue?

  • Hey - thanks for a great script that reduces a lot of headaches. Would it be possible to also add functionality so that disabling hogs would also for instance turn off motion blur for the comp and/or specific layers? That would allow me to automate away another headache.. :)
  • Hey Rune, that's a great suggestion!  I'll see what I can do, thanks!
  • I think you might need to update your code. It keeps telling me 1.11 is available, I just installed it. Not sure what your code is doing to verify version no., but it should use something more robust than the filename, if that's what you're using. Also, your About dialog says 1.10, which may be the reason for the update notification.

    I always rename the file because I don't like have a super long name with the version number as the AE tab name. I would suggest updating it to use just "RenderHogs" instead of "djRenderHogs v1.11". Not sure why developers love doing this, but I never remember your initials and keep looking for RenderHogs in the AE script list, but it's under D.
  • Just what I've been looking for, about to purchase. Just a quick suggestion, you should add the ability to assign an effect and based on name it would consider it a HOG..Good for opening older projects. An example would be if I had alot of glows in my project, I could click a button to add all effects called 'Glow' to the list. It's abit of a 'hog' having to manually do it for each effect, even though I have a lot of the same effects used elsewhere. You could do it by name so if I had Trapcode particular added to the list of of hogs it would add them all, if I wanted to exclude one from the hog list I could rename just that one.

    Does that make sense? It just I think this would really help in opening older projects that have hundreds of comps and layer effects to quickly etc..I just did a project that used shadow studio, it only provides visual interest and doesn't need to be animated, but there's hundreds of instances of it...Originally every effects was just copy and pasted onto the layers so they all share the same name of 'Shadow Studio'..Grounds my AE to a halt and is too much of a job to implement this script into that project at this point :( 
  • Hey Michael!

    That's a really great suggestion and I'll definitely consider building in that functionality.  I can absolutely see how that would be a huge time saver.  Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Please incorporate hogging Layer Styles. This is unusable for me without that feature, I thought it was included when I bought it.

  • Hi Valentin,

    I'm really not certain I'll be able to implement that feature in the near future, so you may want to request a refund.


  • Hey Michael!

    That's a really great suggestion and I'll definitely consider building in that functionality.  I can absolutely see how that would be a huge time saver.  Thanks for the suggestion!

    Amazing, I've got the script now and omg is it a lifesaver. Also another idea would be a button that just turns off all effects? Surely that would be easier to implement than my previous suggestion. In prem there's a native function to do this which is incredibly useful to watch how your edit is going.

    Just want to say, amazing work on this script you really are providing a solution to Adobes sloppy non-existent problem solving. You should definitely release a completely new version with more advanced customization and charge more for it! 

  • Love your script, really helps when I'm animating on an old company laptop :)

    Suggestion: maybe add an option to turn off hog-tagged audio layers as well?
  • Thanks Arto!  That's a great suggestion, I'll add it to the list of potential features.