• Very useful script, thanks!

    Couple of thoughts/requests:

    1) After the crop, automatically reposition anchor point to center.
    2) In autocrop mode- option to specify n pixel bleed around all edges

    Thanks again for a great script!


  • It gives me this error, i'm using A CS5.5 & CS6.

    Or when i use Mask Crop, it doesn't do anything.
    It's just a simple video, then i precomp, adding a mask, but nothing happened after i press Mask Crop.
    Where i went wrong?
  • Hi,

    thanks for the very handy script,

    unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in CS6. Will there be an update?

    Greetings from Munich....
  • I have had a great deal of success with this script until recently it began erroring out consistently.  Thoughts?
  • Just bought this.... not working for me either. Using CS6.

    Correction: it works when the comp isn't too huge to begin with. There must be some kind of upper limit to how big the comp can be before you crop it.

  • Please open a support ticket for project specific help, please make sure to include the project file. You only need to include the .aep and not any footage.
  • I love this script when I can get it to work properly but here's a wishlist:
    1. Perform the crop operation on multiple layers at once.
    2. Auto reposition anchor point
    3. Speed boost.
  • Hi,

    I've been using this script since it became available.
    But since this morning, when I click on the "Auto Crop" button, it does nothing.
    And I am using CS6 as always. I restarted AE, but it does not work.

    This is one of the 4 scripts that I use on a daily base.

    Update : The way I was able to get it to work again is to undock it, close AE, reopen AE. make new project. dock "Auto Crop".
    All is back to working perfectly.

    Thanks for making this very nice script.
  • Is this scrip CC compatible?

    I get all kinds of problems including divide by zero errors on the slider that the auto crop script creates in the null. Also, the ? button doesn't work and mask crop does nothing.

    I'm guessing it's suffered from the same problems with the updates to the scripting environment in CC as some of the other scripts?


  • Is this script CC compatible?
    Not yet, you can check the compatibility of all our products but clicking on the COMPATIBILITY tab on every product page.
  • This script works fine for me in CC. Please open a support ticket for direct help.

  • Hi! Thanks for the script, is there a way to get headless version or how i can crop multiple layers?
  • Hi. This feature has been requested a lot. I'm currently working on an update that I hope to have out by the end of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience
  • Just tried v2.13 on the latest AE CC 2014.1 and had some weird results.

    I used a crop duration with ignore masks checked. It took a very long time on a simple pre-comp and showed "working frame 2019 of 362" etc

    Has this been tried with the latest AE CC 2014 yet?
  • Sorry, I can't replicate the issue, are you having the same problem no matter what you are cropping or is it specific to this project?
  • I think i found a bug, or maybe it's not a bug, be a tip.
    When has two comps with same name, when do you use the AUTO CROP, the second layer with the same name loses the position.
    So, don't create compositions with the same name.
    This happens only to me?
  • Testing Auto Crop in AE CC 2014 on OSX Yosemite. The effect control starts blinking with different numbers and takes maybe 20-35 seconds to perform?
    Even if it's only one shape layer. So a bit slow, it seems.

    The multi-cropping is awesome, though! Makes it a time saver. Just make sure you don't have two comps with the same name, that gives tons of errors.
  • Hi,

    I'm unable to recreate the problem you are having, however I am working on another big update to Auto Crop and I will be reworking everything to make the process more efficient, so hopefully this will solve the issue.
  • Feature request:

    - Add a way to grow the comp size by entering a number of pixels. (basically add extra pre-comp pixels around the artwork)
      This is very useful for when replacing hand drawn artwork that  suddenly needs a few extra pixels, so that on doesn't need to do another resize.

    - Add a resize comp + precomps, so one only needs to do on operation.
      This is very useful when f.ex. importing PSD folder that comes in as pre-comps.
  • Doesn't work on CC2015 Win 7

    when I try cropping I get alerts window 'Break 3 | 0' , 'Break
    1 | 1', 'Break 3 | 0', 'Break 1 | 1' ... etc.

    the alerts repeat a few times - the error messages
  • Doesn't work with CC2015 on Mac also.
  • This script looks like it is exactly what I was hoping for.... but on CC2015 Mac I am getting the same error as Ronen and Edouard.  It seems to be ending up with negative numbers for its final size.  Looks like it will need some fixes to work with 2015
  • Same problem Doesn't work with CC2015 on Mac
  • Likewise, was working perfectly in CC 2014, but appears to have broken in CC 2015 (Windows).  Bummer, as this script is a real workhorse for me, and nothing else really matches its feature set.
  • I'm in the same boat with you guys using CC 2015. Such a great little script.

    Thanks for all your hard work on it... I hope a future version works like it did. Cheers
  • Been using this script a lot but it doesn't seem to be compatible in CC 2015. Hope this gets updated soon.
  • Unfortunately, at this time, I am unable to create a version of this script that works well with CC 2015. Because of updates to the way expressions are handled, After Effects no longer evaluates fast enough for the script to work properly. I'm afraid that until this issue is fixed on Adobe's end, there isn't anything I can do to solve the problem without drastically increasing the time it takes for the script to process.  

    I am still actively looking for a solution to the problem, which may require this script to be converted to a plug-in, however it will take some time for this to happen. 

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • damn, what a bummer. this scrip was amazing before.
  • There's a new expression in AE CC2015 that let's AE know the exact height/width of any layer. Wouldnt utilizing that expression enable AutoCrop to function in CC2015?
  • Well, just bought this, and its not working. should have read the damn comments
  • Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I've been manually cropping things (Terribly I might add)  I am so excited for this to work in CC 2015!
  • This script is so great! Helps a lot in lot's of situations. It makes my life sooooooo much easier that I have to thank you for it! No other comment at this time :D
  • Thank you for the update!
  • Thank you SO much for the update. I didn't realize how much I depend on this script with my work. AWESOME JOB!
  • Hey, I get this error in AE 2015: 

    Any help?
  • Anyone know of a tool that will do this same thing, but with layers? I want to bring an AI file in (at document size, so my layers don't shift when I make revisions) but then have a script that will auto-create a mask for each item (leaving the comp alone).  (Ver. CC 2015.2)
  • hi everyone..

    this is awesome script and useful  for me 
    is there anyway to crop the footage only ...just I want to crop the layer but no comp ...how can I do this ...
    any help will appreciated...

    thanks in advanced...
  • Totally worth the money. Very useful to keep things tidy or to apply certain effects that take into account the composition size.
  • Thank you, this is a fantastic tool!
  • No longer works properly in 2015.3
  • Hello, it doesn't seem to work on AE CC 2017? (the autocrop function at least doesn't work)
    Do you think an update will be available at some point?
    Mask crop does work though which can still be handy. 

    Thank you in advance
  • Like Marie,

    Autocrop duration doesn't work in CC 2017. Any fix coming? I just paid for this and hope I didn't waste the money.

    Best, Jerry
  • Hello! 
    I purchased Autocrop quite some time ago and have come to rely on the feature on a daily basis. As has been noted, the function doesn't work with CC 2017. I saw a revision had been released so I foolishly purchased the updated version of Autocrop, but it still doesn't work correctly - it will crop from the bottom left of the comp to the bottom left of the contents within the comp, but it doesn't crop anything but that corner. 

    I'm hoping for a fix - can you let us know if there are any plans in the pipeline by chance? 

    Thanks, Chris the Hippie


    EDIT:  The fix has been made - I downloaded the Dec. 22, 2016 release and it works beautifully. THANK YOU! 
  • The CC 2015 error where whitespace characters are inserted at the beginning of a layer name causes this plugin to fail. Just a heads up – you'll need to manually delete the whitespace character to get it to work!
  • Auto crop doesn't work for me in CC 2018.
    After hit crop, it shows two script alert:

    "Resize comp error:"
    "Error:Object of type AVlayer found where a Number, Array, or Property is needed"

    I'm using win10, cc2018, and it works fine in 2014, any idea, thanks?

  • Does not show in the menu, using in CC 2018
  • Does this work in CC2019?