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  • Sam Southan
    Hi mate,

    Is GeoLayers compatible with the new M1 chip on the Mac? I would like to buy it now whilst it's on sale but need to make sure it is going to work!

    June 6
  • Russell Wyner
  • Russell Wyner
    I've been combining GeoLayers with element 3d. You can parent the null objects from element 3d to your mapcomp anchor. 
    April 28
  • Florian Josef Frey
    Hi Markus,

    i have a question concerning geolayers 3
    are features not saved with the AE project?
    do i need to create a json file to conserve them for everytime it  open or edit a project ?

    i have seen i can extract features from labels but this is only partly usefull....

    looking forward to your feedback

    cheers Florian
    November 2020
  • Markus Bergelt changed his profile picture.
    May 2020
  • Markus Bergelt changed his profile picture.
    May 2020
  • Michael McNeff
    Hi Markus, I was wondering if there is a way to "boost elevation" when using Plexus? I saw in the Everest Walk through tutorial there is a custom slider for boosting the elevation shown here:

    Do you have any info on how I could create that same custom slider for use with Plexus? Thanks, Michael
    February 2018
    I'd like to buy this, but are these maps clearable to use for television worldwide. Are they all royalty free, do the maps have to have relevant copyright logos on? Are there credits required in end titles etc. I'd like to buy this but I can also envisage production managers asking me what the legalities are of these images?


    February 2018
  • Daniel bik
    Hi there!
    Im Cep extension expert developer. we can have some Cooperation to build more cool tools for aftereffects. im working on aftereffects extensions about 2 years. however i worked for some other famous publishers in videohive before.
    Best Regards,
    Daniel smith
    January 2018
  • David O'Neill
    I posted the note below via aescripts support for GEOlayers 2. I'm not sure how to get "support" and hope you might help out here.

    I have recently installed GEOlayers 2 and Trapcode Mir 2. When I open AE, it get a working dashboard and then a "start" panel pops up that is blank and can be closed via "X" in right corner. When I open the Geolayers 2 extension, I get a empty floating controls panel, ergo - not GEOlayers 2 features! The dropdown menu allows me to pick options like "preferences" etc. but all those popup panels are also empty - ? 

    January 2018
    • David O'Neill
      David O'Neill
      Sorry, I meant to say I'm using Win 10 and CC 2018.
  • Neil Emmanuel
    Hi Markus, I am interested in buying Geolayers. can you explain more about the attributions part? I make a lot of maps for TV but copyright is always an issue so I tend to use Nasa maps. 

    basically on a tv show, the attributions would have to be in the end credits not on the map this a problem? Can you tell me the workflow for not having the attribution on the map for a tv show?. 


    August 2017
  • arnaud mansat
    Thanks for your advices
    May 2017
  • Yakov Falevich
    Hi, Markus.
    We have a problem to create new server profile for ArcGis tiled-map service in GEOLayers-2 plug.
    Actually we are owners of ArcGis Server and we try to help to person that uses AfterEffect software 
    with GEOLayers-2 plug to connect to our map service.
    We tryed to use following instructions from this Blog:
    go to the Preferences and add a new server profile. For example: arcgis_sample
    choose the Universal Api
    check "enable tile download"
    paste this URI Mask: 
    finally choose file extension "png"
    apply the prefs and assign the profile to a Mapcomp.
    Doing all this produced blank map window with no result.
    In this blog was announcement that  ArcGis Server is supported as Tiled Map provider. 
    The link to our sample map is correct:
    And this map for the sake of simplicity is "public", no need to login.

    May be we are doing something wrong and you can help us with more precise instructions ?
    Thank you in advance,

    April 2017
  • Georg Kleinegees
    Hi Markus, first let me thank you for this great piece of software! Now to my problem: I get some bluish tiles after finalization. Is there a way to get rid of those?



    February 2017
  • Derek Bronsteen

    We have multiple uses of GeoLayers in one video.  Can we give all credit at the end of the piece rather than overlayed on each individual graphic?  Please let me know if this is acceptable or what we need to do in order to credit in this manor.

    Our time is getting very limited so I'd really appreciate a response.


    February 2016
    • Delano Samuels
      Delano Samuels
      Hey Derek, have you had any success with getting in touch with Markus or anyone on the DEV team to resolve any issues? Support seems a bit scary, since you have been trying to get in touch for so long and no progress.
  • Derek Bronsteen
    Hi Markus,

    I have been trying to reach you about giving proper credits for the use of GeoLayers in a project.  Could you please email me ASAP so that we can discuss this matter?  We would like to pay you additional fees depending on how we are allowed to credit.  

    Please email me at [email protected] as soon as you get a free minute.

    Thanks so much,

    Derek Bronsteen
    February 2016
  • Derek Bronsteen
    Hi Markus,

    Is there any way we could speak via telephone to expedite a few questions I have about giving proper credit?

    I am a motion graphics artist and have created multiple maps with your fantastic tool GeoLayers!  The client is strongly against having the copyright bugs on every map and would love to credit you guys for all of the work at the end of the documentary.  Is this possible?

    Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

    Thanks so much!

    January 2016
  • Derek Bronsteen
    Hey Markus,

    We are working on a documentary project and have created a few maps with GeoLayers.  First of all thank you for creating such a wonderful tool!  We are wondering if there is a way we can give credit to all the map sources at the end of the film rather than put a stamp on each individual map.  Would this be OK?


    January 2016
  • Derek Bronsteen
    Also having an issue with licenses.  We have been using GeoLayers intensively on our current product.  We had to buy a 2nd license to run renders on 2 machines.  However now it is saying that both machines are reading the same license.  I have deleted "uninstalled" the file from Adobe AE > ScriptUI, restarted, reinstalled again and again, I cannot get it to prompt me for a license it just gives me the red X.  

    All that said I'd really appreciate your help and we are loving this plugin for the most part.  We do a lot of high profile jobs, , so we will be happy to share our results afterwards.


    October 2015
  • Den Mark
    same problem as Guillaume Lenfant 
    'GEOlayers_comp_1' is not existing in your project
    error downloading Imagery Metadata

    ..something wrong with the internet connection, but how can i solve it?
    October 2015
  • Frank Mai
    I would like to move over the pacific ocean. But the map has a border at New Zealand. 
    How can I go on?
    April 2015