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  • George Kachadorian
    Hello--  This is an incredible piece of software. Thanks so much for creating it! Hoping you can solve a problem I have encountered: the dialog window will not launch in After Effects (latest version, Mac). I was using it an hour ago, I closed the Geolayers window, and now when I go to my Extensions pull-down menu, I can see it listed but it will not appear when I select it... Any ideas? Thanks!
    May 6
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    March 11
  • Nina Sarnelle
    Hey Nico! I just left a comment on the GEOlayers discussion I'm totally stuck and looking for troubleshooting help. Is there anyway to get help with (what I believe to be) glitches in the software? 

    thank you!!
    August 2019
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    December 2016
  • Cécile Gretsch
    Hello Nico,

    I wrote you yesterday concerning my finalization issue. I have purged pretty much everything I could (tiles, GEOlayers cache, AE cache and memory) but with no luck. I have tried to switch servers and come back to Bing aerials, and with the preview it looked like it would work, but when i finalized it went blurry again.

    Here is a link to download the project with the problematic sequence:

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate you help!
    November 2016
  • Marco Rodriguez
    Hi Nico,
    This is my email address:
    One more thing, is there's a way to call you? or email you some animations we created to see if they can be done with GEOlayers? Do you work for the company who created the script/plug in?


    July 2016
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    March 2016