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  • beef wave
     Hello Orrin,

    This plugin is really neat! But I need some functionality that it seems is no longer supported. Would it be possible for me to get a previous version that supported Ray Traced render engine? 

    Is there any way I can get the version of the plugin that appears in this promotional  video? https://youtu.be/Nw3kUJkRzGQ?si=sB2uo5t69ZM8l5Yd
    It seems that if I  could have access to that my issue would be resolved and I would be able to use the plugin like this promotional video demonstrates. This is the reason I got the plugin, because this video demonstrated that it could extrude text as I have done earlier in my video, while automating the process. I would greatly appreciate support here, because the artist has already approved the 3D look  I've established .

    Thanks again for your support!

    Jonathan Sims 
    December 2023
  • Simon Whiteside
    Firstly I love your scripts! i have many including, variety pack, Text Monkey, Monkey Bars and Monkey words

    I'm trying to decide between Layer monkey or- Motion Monkey [ and i have my eye on Circus Monkey too!}

    Layer v Motion?

    if i can't stretch to both which would you recommend?
    October 2022
  • Tommy Cardon
    Hey Orrin - I left a couple of comments last night about problems I was having with a few of the monkeys.  I figured it out and deleted the comments. I've been doing a lot of Cinema 4D work lately.... once I switched the renderer back to classic 3D, voila!  

    Hope you have a great day!!!

    January 2022
  • Jackson Chandler
    Hello. With multiple Monkey effects I get an error when I press 'Do It' and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you. The error is below

    CircusMonkey can't find the preset 'CM_Camera_Controls.ffx'. It needs to be in the same folder as the CircusMonkey script

    January 2022
  • Earl Te
    Hi Orin, on your second video at around 2:45 (MONKEY WORDS) how did you resize/scale the paragraph without using transform? I'm fairly new to after effects and I just downloaded the trial version for this script. I'm mainly using this with long texts/paragraph. When I tried it, the paragraphs overlapped or won't fit in the screen? Thank you.
    April 2021
    • Orrin Zucker
      Orrin Zucker
      Hey Earl- if you can believe it, I never check these messages (I never knew it was even here). Sorry!!
      If it matters anymore, just select the text layer and change the size in the character window....
  • Bre Nope
    Hi Orrin,

    I'm interested in using a few of your apps for postgraduate university projects and for some of the volunteering I do, but I'm not certain which ones to get. Unfortunately, I wasn't certain where else to post these questions:
    Does MonkeyWipes replace TypeMonkey? They seem to do somewhat similar things
    I'm interested in creating a few stomp videos and also visualising quotes and poems with music. Which tools would you recommend for this? I need an essential list for this because I couldn't purchase the full Monkey suite at the moment. 
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    July 2020
  • james larkin
    does this work with bodymovin ?

    to be exported to a json file ?
    June 2018
  • Vladan Miladinovich
    Hi guys !!!
    1st things first. Its just insane !

    But... i  found a small issue with EM load/save preset function.

    If even one of the parameters is left to random (eg. random intensity / layer order etc) once loaded back into the same comp with same layers (clone of the comp )  the randomisation varies.

    Can the XML hold that random value from which the movement is recreated .
    This would be ultra if it is fixable otherwise users will have to stick to NON random so saving has a purpose.

    April 2018
  • Dirk Jansen
    Hey Orrin

    It doesn't seem to let me comment on your Editmonkey product page so I'll just message you here.

    I downloaded the trial version of editmonkey because it seemed really interesting and the layer transition features will save me a ton of time with transitioning in objects.

    I tried to use the feature on one ai file that I have but it didn't work because of something about triangles being too "small and thin" ??? and the second time I used tried to use it it said I couldn't animate them because the trial version is limited to only 10 layers. I was about to try the extension out a third time with a different ai file but my ae crashed before I could do so (first time it did in 2 months. I hope it didn't have to do with the extension)

    I think your extension is really interesting and I'd love to try it out but everything seems to be turning for the worse. I'd love to buy the script so I can avoid the 10 layer limitation and truly test it out. If it doesn't work out, can we return the extension?

    April 2018
    • Orrin Zucker
      Orrin Zucker
      Hey Kafka- absolutely.. if you’re not happy, neither are we, and if we can’t fix the problem we’ll refund your money right away.

      Also- Would you be able to send me your ai file...we haven’t seen that errror before and would like to check it out. Open a support ticket - it’s the easiest way.

      Thx- oz
    • Dirk Jansen
      Dirk Jansen

      That's great!

      I don't know if I can open a support ticket yet since I didn't buy the extension so I'll just like the ai file here.

      I tried to test it with this file from freepik

  • Geoffrey Amend
    when I play the rendered movie in QT it works fine. So maybe it is a premiere issue?
    February 2018
  • Geoffrey Amend
    Did Wind stop working with CC 2018?
    February 2018
  • Geoffrey Amend
    Hi. It won't let me leave a comment on the WIND page. it keeps saying to log in.

    I'm using the latest AE and Premiere. Wind looks fine in AE. When I render the movie and place the movie or the Dynamic linked comp into Premiere the wind effect does not take. Any advice please? I have the wind effect in a pre comp and my final comp has an iris wipe effect.
    February 2018
  • Marc Quaedvlieg
    Hi Orrin,

    I love the Monkey-Cam plugin.
    But it seems that the plugin does not seem to work with pre-comps?
    The moment I use it on a pre-comp nothing happens like it's not affecting the pre-comps at all?

    Can it be to the fact that I'm using Ae CC-2017?
    October 2017
    • Marc Quaedvlieg
      Marc Quaedvlieg
      You can skip my comment Orrin, it was a due to ignorance ;-)
    • Marc Quaedvlieg
      Marc Quaedvlieg
      Pre-comps are working just fine.
  • Jeffrey Joers


    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I really liked your answer to my first question, so I’ll definitely go with CircusMonkey, and possibly LayerMonkey as well.  Thanks.

    With regard to my second question about the “Missing:” effects in the effects panel, I tried to figure it out myself, but could not.

    When I open a project that uses CircusMonkey, I now get the following dialog box:


    This project contains 3 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references. (“Rig Controls”,“Text Controls”,“Camera Controls”)


    Best I can tell, finding effects is not like the simple process of finding "lost" footage in the Project Panel.  So any help you can provide would be appreciated.   I ran Paul T’s “Find Effect” script and confirmed that these effects are missing.  And when I search for “Controls” in the Effects and Presets Tab search box, all three CircusMonkey effects show up under the newly generated category of “Missing”.  (I didn’t do a circle animation yet, but I’m guessing I’d have four missing effects if I did that.)

    I looked through my Ae Preferences file for these effects, and then I copied and renamed various files to three different locations: the non-dockable scripts folder, the dockable scripts folder, and the effects folder (inside the presets folder on my PC). 

    The dockable script shows up under the window menu as it should.  And Ae finds the effects but places them in the “Missing” folder for some reason.  Placing the files in the undockable scripts folder also didn’t fix the problem even though the CircusMonkey script shows up in the scripts selection under the File menu as it should.

    I don’t pretend to know how Ae loads, so I took a brute force approach and tried all of the file names below (i.e., filenames with and without “CM_”, with and without “PseudoDEOZ_”, etc) in all of the folder locations mentioned above. 


    PseudoDEOZ CM_Camera_Controls.ffx

    PseudoDEOZ CM_Circle_Controls.ffx

    PseudoDEOZ CM_Rig_Controls.ffx

    PseudoDEOZ CM_Text_Controls.ffx













    None of this worked.  I still get the missing effects dialog box when I open a project, and the CircusMonkey effects are still marked/categorized as “Missing” in both the Effects Panel and in the Effect and Presets tab.  As for a possible CC fix, I hear you, but as you know, Premiere and Encore CS6 still have the Analyze Content functionality that comes in very handy when syncing… ;).

    I know you’re busy, but if you can take a little time to try to figure this out for me, I’d really appreciate it.  Any chance this issue could be related to the fact that I only have the Trial Version?  I still did not purchase it, since I’m waiting for the sale next week, but can you check if a paid version of CircusMonkey has this issue while running on CS6?

    Thanks again,


    April 2017
  • Ronald Ambrose
    I am having an issue with MotionMonkey were I set my work area and the animation of some of my texts isn't complete and I can't figure out how to correct this situation
    February 2017
  • Paco Lebel
    Hi Orrin. 

    I love your products. I already bought 2 of em. Any holiday coupons for loyal customers? I'm broke.
    December 2016
  • majed almalki
    hi Orrin Zucker 

    I'm a fan in your products but  this product does not support Arabic Language

    Is there a solution to this problem soon ??
    January 2016
    • Orrin Zucker
      Orrin Zucker
      Sorry- just saw this.
      There is an Arabic Text Modifier for TypeMonkey - check it out:

      It's put out by a 3rd party, but I hear it works well.