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  • Raju Barman
    how to select multiple font Text
    April 11
  • Raju Barman
    I can't work, please share a 1 hour video of how the software works?
    April 10
  • deng dengdeng
    Hi Alex,I installed AEVIEWER 2 today and I cannot import .wav with it.
    June 2023
    • Alex White
      Alex White
      Please try reinstalling Aeviewer
  • Alex White changed his profile picture.
    October 2019
  • Alex White changed his profile picture.
    October 2019
  • Rogier Dieks
    Hi Alex,
    How many devices can you install aeviewer on with a single user license? I use 3 devices, my home computer, work computer and a laptop for on the road / holidays. Can i install it on all 3 if i only use it on 1 machine at the same time?

    Or is it possible to deactivate the license on machines and activate it on another?

    September 2019
  • Denis Stau
    Алекс, добрый день! 
    прочитайте пожалуйста от меня личное сообщение.
    Написал два Письма: 31 августа и 3 сентября.

    Alex, good afternoon!
    please read a private message from me.
    He wrote two Letters: August 31 and September 3.
    September 2019
  • Chris Marriott

    Hi there,

    Is there any way to make a version that supports CS6 even just for AEP project file imports?


    December 2018
  • toma ever
    Hi Alex, aeviewer (demo version) does not show stock presets previews (like the default text animation presets for instance). Am I doing something wrong ?
    April 2018
  • Tyler Sammy
    Hey Alex, congrats on launching and updating AEViewer, it looks like a stellar product and something we have discussed AE needing for years.

    I'm the technical director at the non-profit motion graphics studio Thought Café. I was wondering if you would consider providing us with an additional non-profit discount on 8-10 licenses.

    Thanks for the consideration and keep up the great work!
    December 2017
    • Alex White
      Alex White
      Hi Tyler,
      If I understood you correctly, you need 8-10 licenses with 100% discount. Right?
      Could you please open support ticket here:
      that we could discuss that? :)
  • baptiste cochard
    Hi and thanks for your great tool Font Manager!
    I just have a problem today.. Impossible to start the plugin who tell me about an error at the line 275 (customPunctuation.split) "impossible to execute the script at line 275. The function customPunctuation.split is not defined". I have tried to uninstall, re-install, restart my Mac but i have always the same error.. What can i do? Thanks in advance.
    September 2017
  • Alex White changed his profile picture.
    May 2017
  • Alex White changed his profile picture.
    May 2017