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  • Curtis Nichols
    I'm working with Pastiche to animate photos.
    All of the images are constantly jumping around. I want them to begin in one place, and linearly moving to their final positions.  But they are jumping around.
    Especially when it gets to the end shape. I want all of the images to stay still.
    July 2020
  • ALain Ostiguy
    Polyline is simply broken with the latest After-Effect version 2020. Nothing seems to work as it should even after reverting to Legacy extended script in AE file preferences.  I bought the plug-in because I needed the kind of ribbons it creates, and I needed it fast. I have waste an entire night of work trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. But it's not me, it's the plug-in ! I now ask for a refund please. You should really keep your products up to date if you sell them. 
    July 2020
  • hans mortelmans
    Hi, I do have a question: can I use magnetism feature from Newton2 on animated masks (tracked mocha mask) instead of shape layers? It would be great if I could use the animated masks as kinematic, so they could attract all other items thank you...!
    July 2014