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  • mar kilv

    Just so you know, the arrow head and the stroke have a tiny gap in-between them. I've gotten around it in multiple projects by nudging the mask on the Arrow Head layer.

    (Windows10, AE15.1.2)
    October 2018
  • Kanatakhatsus Meunier
    Shè:kon Adrian,

    I have purchased Easy Arrow... and I cannot open it in After Effects CS6
    Where do I get it? 

    I cannot even see it and I did drag it in the folder as recommended... the ScriptUI Panels.

    How can I use it in After Effects, how can I open it?

    June 2017
  • Lisa Overton
    hi Adrian,
    I'm having an issue in that the arrow head seems to be offset from the path. If I move it to locate it on the path it moves off the path as the completion slider changes. 

    It's not just that the arrow is ahead of the line - it's off to the side of the path or below the path. 

    Seems like I'm doing something seriously wrong but I can't figure out what. 

    I'm on a Mac running 10.9.5.

    AE CC 2014.2  release, version
    January 2016