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  • Maksim Loginov
    Hi Froggy Team.
    I saw your Word Cloud plugin. It is great.
    But is is possible to make plugin working with shapes? Like this one:
    September 2019
  • Multicam Production
    Hi, Anthony.
    The book of 100 pages is relatively quickly and accurately rendered with the "CINEMA 4D" Renderer.
    You can speed up the rendering by running multiple instances on the same computer with multimachine render settings.

    Hi ! Thank you for your reply, multimachine is indeed really powerful for some renders, we've never tried that before !

    Currently trying to render 7sec animation of our 96 pages FlipBook, "CINEMA 4D" settings, on 6 instances of AECC2019, on a 56 cores workstation (E5-2683v3 @ 2.0Ghz), 32gb DDRAM3.
    Eventhough it seems 2 times faster, for 7sec of animation, we have an estimation of 1h of render time...
    The project has a resolution of 2742x1200 @25fps, each page is 2398x2965
    For a 3min clip (our goal) it's simply too much.

    Any thoughts ?
    Best regards,
    January 2019
  • Mark Santella
    Can't seem to get 3d Flip Board to work (using demo) When I add a marker to the control layer everything stops flipping. I am using the latest release of After Effect CC 2018. Thanks for your help. If I can make it work you will have a customer.
    April 2018
  • Mike Thompson
    Can you give step-by-step instructions for adding more pages to the book?
    October 2017
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    September 2013