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  • Florencia Velazquez
    Hi! I have a problem with Joystick and sliders, i make a controller for the head turn, where the keyframes of the position and scale of the eyes, the mouth and the eyebrows are found, and then i want to make a separate controller for the eyebrow movement, but in the position i seem to ”start joystick code” and when i create the controller, the eyebrows work, but in the head controller not.
    June 2019
  • Andrew DeSelm
    Hey Mike. I've been using Joysticks and Sliders for a ton of projects, and it's been really wonderful!

    One thing I'm having trouble with is finding a good way to duplicate my rigged "puppet" comp so that I can have a fresh, clean character comp to insert into different scenes within a single project file(e.g., I rig a character and have one shot where he's sitting at a restaurant, and then a separate comp where I want him playing basketball).

    I've tried using my tried n' true "true comp duplicator" script (that duplicates a parent comp and all nested child comps, maintaining connections), but that results in a mess where the different puppet comps seem to interfere with each other in wonky ways. 

    Please let me know if you know a good way around this, without having to rig up the same character every time I want a new comp with it.

    May 2018
  • Greg Porretta
    Hi Mike,
    Just purchased Joystick n' Sliders and my question is that I have a laptop and desktop computer  (one for remote and one for office work) - is it possible to install this plugin on both machines with the single license?
    August 2016