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  • chris hatfield
    Hi Daniele, I cannot seem to reach you on the varifont page. I need support for a typeface called SAIRA from google fonts, but VARIFONT will not recognize it, despite being recognized in other adobe programs as a variable font. How might I make VARIFONT recognize this Google Fonts tyepface? Many thanks.
    August 31
  • Doug Urquhart
    How can the default 25 FPS frame rate be changed? When FPS is changed in the TypeMorph_Lab comp, all the resulting comps still default to 25fps. Thanks
    December 2021
  • Luke Hayman
    hi, i saw this post on twitter that someone use type morph to make this, do you know how they did it? 

    here is the post: 

    thank you so much
    December 2021
  • Shawn Herbert
    Hi, what's the difference between Vari Font and Type Morph? The outcome looks similar, not sure if I'm missing a specific feature for each one.

    May 2021
    • Daniele Ria
      Daniele Ria
      Hello Shawn, sorry about three slow reply. I haven't seen your message before!

      As you noticed the outcome is quite similar, but the difference is about the input: if you have traditional fonts you need to use Type Morph. If you're planning to work with Variable Fonts in After Effects you can only use VariFont

      Hope that helps

      All the best
  • Nader Husseini
    Hie Daniele, This is a motion designer from elastic. we have a crushing deadline and the plugin keeps on breaking on us for no reason, even when untouched.

    It seems to happen when we import files into AE or saving and reopening?

    can you please advise? 
    April 2020