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  • xxx xxx
    Hello Takayuki,

    I am interested in Power Cylinder. Is it possible to attach a text layer to it and distort the text that way? And can I then still use text animation on that layer? Or can I only add images as textures? 

    January 2018
  • Raduy Fedorenko
    Hello Takayuki!

    My name is Raduy Fedorenko, I am a mexican artist who has been using the droste effect for some time now. I ended up her in aescripts because subblue did not support the plug in anymore. 

    I understand you are the magician behind the droste effect in this place. 

    I have been using the plug in lately and when I am working on the parameters everything looks fine, but when I apply them the image goes totally wrong burning the image pretty bad.

    I can send you an example on how it is working. 

    Help please!!
    May 2015