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  • Lisa Overton
    Is there a tutorial? I've tried applying to shape layers and solids. Not getting any results.
    March 12
  • Mike Goedecke
    Dmitriy, I downloaded the latest version and the glitches happen different places each time I purge the memory.

    Here are screen recordings of me purging the memory and then rendering the sequence - 2 times, you can see the carious glitches and when they show up.
    Hopefully this helps debug?

    March 3
  • Mike Goedecke
    Hi this is mike, on the project I sent - in the Circle Noise 2 comp there are glitch frames on 517 and 618 and 659 and 771 and 869 and 942 and 1043 and 1081 and 1134 and 1238 and 1325.  If you need me to send you a video I can.  
    March 3
  • Paul Trainor
    Thanks Dmitriy - That works for me.
    February 25