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  • Jason Falk
    Hi Michael 

    Are you never answering the questions of paying customers ever again - or are you just on a break??
    November 2023
  • Jason Falk
    Hi Michael!

    I just bought Compsfromspeadsheet. I installed the trial and then was sidetracked so I was not able to really test it before it expired so I thought I'd take a leap of faith. The script is working and replacing my ^TEXT layers as hoped. 

    I have one question. The text layers in question are in a comp that is in another comp etc. about 5 comp layers deep in my project. Is there a way to have the new comp from the script (default named '2') to replace my comp such that the new comp ('2') will flow through my comps and into my final comp? 

    Is that what the '!' does in front of a comp name? I placed '!' at the start of the relevant comps but it did not change anything unfortunately.

    Is there a solution for this or do I need to manually replace the comp so it is reflected in my Final Comp?

    I hope you can make sense of that!
    August 2023
  • ruru ruru
    Hello Michael, I have a question about using the compsfromspreadsheet. 
    When you load a script through the compsfromspreadsheet and work on it, there is a phenomenon that one letter of the work is unspecified once or twice a month. (ex. Only E is broken during LOVE) 
    Why is this happening and is there a solution?
    July 2023
  • Scott Skaja
    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for developing CFS. Is there a spreadsheet command that replaces pre-comps? Does the # work for that?
    May 2023
  • John Locke Alderson
    I love this script, have checked out the trial and will purchase presently to run a long sequence of lower thirds. I haven't seen this functionality or documentation for this feature, but is it possible to have variables that would break a line of text with a carriage return into a second line if it's too large/long to fit on one line. For instance, if the data in that cell exceeds 100 characters, add a carriage return and go to a line in the text field? A similar application would be to have ^Name, ^Title on the same y-position, but the ^Title field would adjust x-position based on the length of the ^Name field?

    I'm not necessarily asking for a Feature creep, I was just curious if there is that functionality and I'm not seeing it. I've worked in variable data video before running .xml scripts, but this is way awesome'er. Great work!
    October 2020
  • Michael Lister
    Hi Michael, i have been using compsToSpreadSheets for about 5 years now...i love it...

    i like to say i know what i'm doing; but i've started to question that

    i opened a project i from last year and i'm getting some errors in the script

    for some reason it keeps asking telling me "Template Error Name - Pick a template"

    i can't for the life of me figure out why it's doing that...

    i'm using the same ae project/comp/ and txt file....

    any suggestions?

    i remember in the older versions you first picked your comp, then the txt doc, 


    June 2016
  • dongsoo han
    Hi Michael,

    I have 2 failure in using this tool.
    1. I can succeed in  text and graphic, but fail to use audio. Even I try to add audio based on the document with ^audio, I can't hear any sound. Can you explain how to add audio file ? 
    2. Is it possible to load excel file instead of txt file ?  It seems that I have to convert this excel to txt file. Right ?

    I am using CS6. But sample project is for CC. Can I get the sample project file for CS6 ?

    November 2015
  • Laurence Robinson
    Hi Michael, I am the Manager of Post Production at Shaw Media in Toronto and am really excited by your product! I think we could use it to automate a lot of the versioning we do for our specialty networks. I have downloaded your script and tried it on some of our network elements and it works great. I have a question for you regarding text styles: I see you have a couple of additional commands that can be added to format the text (<br> and<c>). Would it be possible to add a command to change the font from regular to bold within a single text layer... or perhaps change its size? We do a lot of backplate design work that has a lot of variations in type size and style and I'd love to be able to keep those flourishes if I can. Really excited about your product and will be purchasing it for sure either way! Thank you in advance. Laurence Robinson
    February 2013