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  • Steven Bui
    could you send me the beta for braw studio in after effect?
    October 2019
    Hi there - excuse my ignorance. If I buy a single licence am I able to move it to a new machine when I build one?I only ever use one machine but I often change them
    June 2019
  • Hideyoshi Saimoto
    Hello from Japan.
    I bought it today.
    AfterCodecs Floating version could be purchased and installed, but license chord is not adapted.
    November 2018
  • Steven Cheak
    Does After Codecs offer true ProRes for Windows? I know it has to pass a certain test for broadcast and you can only get that through a Mac, last time I checked.
    April 2018
    • Antoine Autokroma
      Antoine Autokroma
      Hi Steven,
      It's not the official Apple ProRes but it is decoded by most software and some hardware. I recommend using it for post production. I wouldn't recommend using it for TV diffusion, or diffusion through Blackmagic hardware for example.
      There are already studios and TV channels using ffmpeg's prores. If your company has some quality control test please let us know how it goes.
  • Franck Grosbois
    Hi Antoine, product description says that only x265 can handle 8k export but I saw in the comments that some people used x264 for that. Can you confirm that 8k can be exported with x264

    January 2018
    • Antoine Autokroma
      Antoine Autokroma
      Hello Franck,
      I only this this message right now this is weird. If I didn't answer this sorry.
      All the codecs can handle 8K. H264 can. It is not official though. AE won't import H264 files over 8096x8096 dimensions for example. You can upload 8K to Youtube also but it is not an official feature so beware and test the result at the different resolutions once re encoded by Youtube.
  • Brad Loflin
    Are the HAP codecs still included. I have one client who wants everything in HAP exclusively. I do not see them listed in the drop down. Thanks.
    October 2017
    • Antoine Autokroma
      Antoine Autokroma
      Hi, yes HAP codecs are still included ! Hap Q, Hap Alpha & Hap.
      Please note that it uses ffmpeg behind the hood. I have a client saying that disabling Snappy compression results in choppy playback on some software.