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  • Choi Young Jun
    Hi Steve.

    When I created a "Taper" type leg and go to Contents > Limb > Low Group > Distal Lower,
    I can not find Wedge Group, C2, C3 group. Is there any way to control size of ankle in this version?
    January 2022
  • Ben Thompson
    question: is it possible to have a sharp point at the join (knee or elbow) along with the tapered limb?
    April 2018
    • Steve Kirby
      Steve Kirby
      Hey Ben

      Have a look at the image here:

      There’s a limb on the bottom row, last before right. Is that what you’re after? It’s also possible to use a Bone (stroke) and set the join to mitre instead of round. That also produces a sharp angle at the bend.