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  • gosha gasanov
    Mike Hello I'm from Russia so sorry for not correct speech, I have such a problem I bought a plugin, File Seqense Exporter 1.16, the problem is that on the working device I tried to activate the plugin, it caused an error. I wanted to try it on my home computer, but the limit is reached.I bought it today without even trying it. And what should I do if I have a replacement AND I have to buy again?
    October 2020
    • Mike Udin
      Mike Udin
      Please open new support ticket and provide your license number
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    April 2020
  • Mohamed Moolla
    Hi Mike

    Doing some demo tut work for Adobe and would like to show your plugin off at one of the upcoming Tech Wednesdays for ACP's. I will be doing a "Best of" series highlighting the most useful scripts and plugins for AE users 
    I would like to work with and test your File Sequence Exporter script (Mac OS) using some Mixamo assets and models.

    Would you be able to throw me a license to do this. 

    Using C4D R19 an R20 on OS X High Sierra

    Let me know

    I am based in Cape Town South Africa

    April 2020