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  • Jan-Frederik De Greve
    Hey, Springy looks really cool, but want to make sure it installs and works on after effects cc 2020 on latest mac osx...been reading a lot about problems with effects.xml problems. Does this works? + does it work with text and shapes? Thanx
    January 24
  • seiya ito
    January 16
  • Hamdani Milas
    After Effects CS6 ver. 11.0.4
    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
    Installed molyglyphfx_v2.0 assets folder and fonts. On launching the script the following After Effects error message appears:
    File exists but couldn't be open for reading: "/Applications/Adobe After Effects CS6/ScriptUI Panels/MolyglyphFX.jxsbin". ( 3 :: 0 )

    July 2019
  • Brad Childs
    Hi, I'm wondering if you have any special pricing for business licenses? I work with a team of about 30 motion designers and I'm interested in seeing if SpringyFX is a good option for us financially. Do you only sell your licenses on an individual basis or do you have any sort of a business discount for larger quantities? Let me know! Thank you! 

    April 2018
  • Lutz Hartmann
    Springy fx

    I just bought springy fx, but I have I problem when I want to start the script.

    When I do the installation again, they say all was ok

    Do you have an idea what I can do?
    best regards
    Lutz Hartmann
    March 2018
    • Lutz Hartmann
      Lutz Hartmann
      maybe you don´t see my pictures:
      1. Skript kann nicht in Zeile 11 ausgeführt werde,. undefined ist kein Objekt
      2. SpringyFX already installed !
  • Bas van Breugel
    Hi Matthieu,

    We are trying to get an layer go through other layers. See prinscreen ;
    But it only goes through the top layer, not the rest?

    Is this solveble?

    Many thanks! 

    November 2017
  • Eric Knuble
    Hello from NYC.. Wonderful plugin and allot of fun - thank you for putting the time in! However, I'm having a problem straight out of the box w using the 3D object mode to add clones to a flat plane or even a rectangular shape i.e. a cube I've converted into say, a 10x5x1 wall shaped object. Mografer either doesn't respond or sort of flips out. For example I made a 10X10 plane and no matter what I do, it only generates 4 clones... W just a regular 10x10x10 cube its working though, just doesn't do well when I adjust it. It seems to work fine for everything else, odd shapes, pre -ractured models, etc It's just this one thing I want to us it for currently. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated..

    Thanks Again,

    September 2017
  • Randy Cates
    I just bought Mografter FX to create a company logo animation using the box geometry to spiral the boxes in to form the logo. I'm using the E3D Cloner scene.

    I'm under the impression I should be able to use the logo model in place of the toroid. I've followed the directions and am seeing my model in the E3D interface but when I click "OK" I don't see it in the composition.

    First question: When set up properly can I break my logo into numerous cubes and do a similar movement of cubes breaking apart and coming back together as in your demo?

    Second question: I have my grouping set up as instructed in your overview video but don't see it in the comp. Can you help me (assuming you can do this)?

    Awesome script and very well done video overview. Your English is outstanding.

    Thank you.
    Randy Cates

    March 2017