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  • Alessandro Vieri
    Hi, I have a big problem with aescripts app with macos Sierra, the app doesn't start. I try with debug mode (see the terminal command in the forum) but nothing happend.
    Can you help me??
    November 2016
  • Danny Alley
    Hi Kevin,

    i get this errormessage when i try to set an Anchor on the element layer...
    this version of the plugin "videocopilot 3darray" is not supported error onClick() anonymous([KeyboardState:[.....

    Software i'm using on Windows7:
    Elemantary V. 1.6.1
    Element V 2.2.2
    After Effects CC 2014.2

    November 2015
  • Denis Volodarskiy
    i think i have the problem with my localization version. try to install AE CC.
    March 2015
  • Hi Denis,
    I didn't even know I had a wall here! Thanks for all the info.
    This is quite strange, it rather seems to be an issue with After Effects itself since the files seem to be installed at the right location. Just to be sure: you did quit AE and then restart it after moving the files there?
    It would be helpful if you tried with another script panel from aescripts. There are several that are donation-based and that you can try for free, for example:
    If it doesn't work with another one we can ask Lloyd for help in case he's already seen that, otherwise you'll have to ask Adobe directly.
    March 2015
  • Denis Volodarskiy
  • Denis Volodarskiy
    Hi Kevin, Thanks to you for operative answer. I write to you directly.
    Here is some pictures from my system, and some data. imageimage
    March 2015
  • David Good
    Just FYI -- latest "Version History" for Elementary lists "Feb. 2013" instead of "Feb. 2014". Fantastic product, by the way. Love using it.
    February 2014