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  • seth strong
    Hi Paul, Im trying out your Karoake Script in AE and Im very interested in buying it, but for some reason when I import the file I genereated in AEGISUB (in karaoke mode) and import it into after effects using your script it says no Kaoraoke timings found. am I missing something?

    December 2020
    • seth strong
      seth strong
      nevermind! i figured it out, cool script, im buying now
  • Philip Davies
    Hi Paul!

    I was wondering if you'd be interested and available for writing some custom scripts for a client of mine who is in the karaoke business. We are all based in London as well. Please shoot me a message if this is the kind of thing you are open to! :)

    May 2019
  • mike brown
    Hi Paul,
    I am looking to build a site where people can come and change the template to their needs, like: inputting their own text and logo. Basically, I want them to be able to make their own intro videos

    Is this suitable for me?


    September 2018
  • Andy Dench

    Hi Paul! It's great you updated your brilliant Karaoke Animator. I use the bouncing ball effect and was excited to try out your new options, especially the ball leaving the screen on every line. I'm using Aegisub (r8898) on a Mac with AE CC. Your previous release (v3.12) worked perfectly, but your new release (v3.2.1) formats the Aegisub file incorrectly. The first line starts off ok, but then all the lines of the verse become joined together on one continuous line. There's no space between the lines where the line break should be either. Could you check this please?

    April 2018
    • Andy Dench
      Andy Dench
      Hi Paul,

      Thank you very much for fixing it so quickly! It works perfectly now and the new bouncing ball options are great!

      I love the way that you can just import the SubStation Alpha files into AE with your script and everything is done for you automatically - magic!

      It’s a shame you don’t get messages unless there’s a problem - typical always - but you’ve made all your karaoke animator customers, including me, very happy!
  • Fabio Basone
    Hi Paul - i've been using your fantastic subtitle import script but i've run into difficulties. It seems to randomly change the font to Myriad Pro on some of the subs. I've set up the text style etc correctly before import and checked the original srt file which is fine but for some reason, this keeps happening. Is there any way to fix? Or to change all the subs to the same font after import? Thanks
    March 2018
  • Paul Connors
    Hi Paul,

    I've been watching a bunch of tutorials lately on your incredible OpenSesame and OpenSesame Server scripts.  Firstly, thanks for creating such useful scripts.

    Does OpenSesame automate solids or shape layers?  Say I have a JSON file with HEX values (FFFFFF = white; 000000 = black; etc) is OpenSesame able to use those HEX values to adjust the colors of solids and/or shape layers?

    -Thank you,
    March 2018
  • Mark Rizzo
    Hi Paul,
    Does your "effectsearch" find comps that use Time Remapping?
    September 2016
  • Lloyd Slapar

    Does open Sesame save directly from AE CC to any other version of AE or is this merely a way to save an existing project from another interface to the version wanted?  I need something that I can easily export a CS 5 version of a CC project and will it do the collecting of the files etc...?
    April 2016
  • ben toh
    Hi, If we only have cs6 or cs5.5 installed. How do we make use of your script to open a 5.5.1 file?
    February 2014