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  • Ian Brent
    can you check the stylex comments for a tech problem i'm having with nvidia T4? thanks!
    October 29
  • Igor Bogdanov
    Hi! You have a very cool plugin. But I'm very sad that I can't use it. I installed the trial version to test and buy your product, but I can't get it to work in any way. Neither in the Premiere, nor in the After Effect. I've tried everything. All program settings, removed all plugins, put them in the folder of the After effect itself and back to the Common folder. For all my friends, the plugin works on both windows 10 and windows 11. On different versions of after effects. Even on my laptop, on the same adobe account, the plugin works. But there's an empty after effects. I guess the problem is exactly in my after effects. But I can't even imagine where she is anymore? It seems to me that I've tried everything and I just don't like your plugin :(
    I have a powerful PC: RTK 3070, i7 10700f, 64 GB RAM, win 11.
    I really want to buy and use your plugin!
    Please help me...
    May 25
    • Igor Bogdanov
      Igor Bogdanov
      I said "your plugin doesn't like me". The translator made a mistake. I really like your plugin!
    • Igor Bogdanov
      Igor Bogdanov
      I tald about StyleX