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  • eva nagy
    Hi, I recently bought the Animation Composer Pro, I installed the Product Manager but only for the Animation Composer 3 I have the install option. 

    Thanks for your help!
    December 2020
    • Mister Horse
      Mister Horse
      Hello Eva,

      Animation Composer Pro unlocks adding unlimited number of project files and other media to Animation Composer. It doesn't have to be downloaded.

      If this is not what you meant to buy, you can ask for a refund here:

  • Brian Kosisky
    How about a Premiere version of the transitions?
    May 2018
    • Mister Horse
      Mister Horse
      Hello Brian,

      We're keeping our eye on Premiere, but there were some technical difficulties that prohibit us to do it how we would want to.
      However I think we're going to get there at some point.
  • Jimi Hendrix
    I am interested in using animation composer with paul tuersley's open sesame.  In case you are not familiar, I want to be able to copy effects generated by the composer.

    I get them copied fine but for some reason the copy will not work.  Somehow the linking is broken.

    Can you help me understand why this is?  Does the clip need to retain the same ID or something in the background?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    August 2017