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  • Misha Mazor
    Ben, looking forward for the BR_Projection script fix, its currently entirely unusable with the following error:
     "TypeError: undefined is not an object".

    April 2019
  • lucas de la torre
    Ben you were Last Active Feb 2017, you have a few bugs with your script. I hope you can help with this

     "TypeError: undefined is not an object".
    Then an After Effects message "Unable to execute script at line 7827. undefined is not an object".

    April 2019
  • Christian Simpson
    Hey Ben sorry but how do I get that to you?  Do you have an email address I can send a dropbox email to?  

    February 2017
  • Paul Schneider
    Hi Ben. 

     Love the Paint Out script and have used it many times and its saved me literally hundreds of hours of work. I opened it today in the latest AE 2015 and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Is it compatible? I sure hope so.



    August 2016
  • Joaquín Mancera Sánchez
    Hey Ben:

    I got the Projection script a few weeks ago, I have de latest version of AE CC2015. The first time a used the script I did`t find any trouble, but today I`m trying to use it and I cannot choose any layer to project. The comp and the footage have the same resolution, aspect ratio and fps. Even with your projects examples happens the same. 

    I will appreciate your answer.
    Thanks a lot.

    February 2016
  • John OBrien
    Hey Ben:

    I'm having trouble with illumination...How does the script choose its layer? The effects are glorious but in the current project it is choosing a 2D layer that is the central focus of the piece- thus making its subject disappear.

    February 2016
  • Alexandre Barrette
    I just bought Projection but I can't find how to enter my registration info. Would you please kindly point me what button / key combination I have to use?
    May 2015
  • Jay Smith
    Hi, I just purchased Projection, and every time I click "GO" it doesn't change anything in the timeline, but it does create a blank precomp in the projects panel. It also doesn't create an error log, and sometimes it gives me a error message on startup saying "Unable to execute script at line 130, undefined is not an object". I'm running After Effects CS6, OSX 10.7.5.
    April 2013