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  • I can't seem to get Origami to install in AE 2015.3. I copied over the plugin and script UI from previous build but it doesn't load. cheers,simon
  • I've tweaked and added some icons for my own toolbar set, including plexus, form, particular, flares etc.Hope you find them useful. ICONS HERE.
  • Loving bend layers, I've used it on 2 jobs now.  A couple of small suggestions:  Could you automate shy switches for all of the precomps please.  I don't really need to see these, just the master controller.  Also it automatically enables audio for …
  • loving toolbar 2! if anyone has any good layouts I'd be interested. also ive found some commands hit and miss, perhaps there could be a google doc of handy commands we could use as a reference? cheers, Simon